mission accomplished?

Another mission accomplished yeheeheeeey!.... were done with our canonical interview & pre-cana seminar,the seminar was an eye opener for both couples who is about to take the "BIG LEAP", i kept on smiling every time i remember this couples who is with us in this seminar, soon to be bride's wearing their symbolic diamond engagement rings,sitting right beside each other, holding hands,whispering sweet nothings, giggling to each other (ang cute... very young love sweet love hahahahah)

This PRE-CANA seminar thought couples on whats instore for both in the coming years of being together,scary hehehehhe!but its true, marrying the man/woman u love doesn't mean its always a BED of ROSES. A lot of things to consider specially now that your not living by yourself alone, it will always be a YOU & ME .Now we believe in the saying (ang pag aasawa ay di kaning pag napaso ay pwede iluwa)so powerful, it may sound easy but its not.Listening to the person who is married for 30yrs. (the ever lively facilitator ms. ofel)
We will never forget this reality thought we had during the seminar:

"Now were not only planning for ourselves but for the 2 of us, now we will no longer decide on our own,we need to ask each other if our decision will be beneficial for both,now we dont just take care of our self, we would need to take care of both needs,now we cant afford to be selfish because we need to share whatever we have to each other, now we can no longer enjoy the time of being alone because now we have each other to be with every minute & time of the day, now we can no longer just sit and watch the rain fall without thingking of duties & responsibilities,because whether we like it or not we will have our respective parts of responsibilities,now our nyt out's will be the last priority bcoz our nyt out's will solely be at home hihihihi"

tadaah! hndi nman kmi excited dvah, normally b4 the wedding ang pre-cana pro
since byahero ang papa Un's h2 Feb pa lang nagpa sked na agad kmi...

Very true.. "LOVE IS A MIXTURE OF HAPPINESS & SACRIFICE" ... now were both excited to endure the true meaning of "married life"...

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