a BRIDE must have

What are the things a BRIDE must Have on her Wedding Day?
I guess a lot.... and to name few, here are those;
Align Center

medicines in case of.....

winner na winner na FLIP FLOPS
a comfy flippy for sore toes


a bite of banana for potassium
u know what i mean!

very Plain BISCUITS
crackers to suffice hunger
Too much excitement make us feel full, even were not.
by the time we reach the church
that's the only time we realize we want to eat something BUT its too late dahlin,
we do not want our foodies to spill on our wedding dress...
so why not munch on crackers first.

if we feel hungry for sure will get thirsty ....
so be sure to have waterlily always ready!

who doesn't want to look good on her wedding day...?????
of kers nobody.... for picture perfect....

even if its hot nor cold We Bride's tend to sweat... hahahahah
its so true... its because were so nervous it knocks our sweat glands and
secretes too much perspiration AWARD!

everybody needs this, not just to wipe those perspiration away
but also to wipe away those tears....Happie Tears i mean

bringing a small make up kit wont harm
this will save u from unwanted shots ..u know what i mean
u dont want to trash 80% of your wed pics bcoz u dont look gud on it.....
dont take chances bring one... and let ure apprentice hold it for u....
(no need to remind me this is no 1 on my lists hahaha)


definitely a wedding must have... "oilyness is next to UGLYNESS"
very TRUE! Lets stay GLAMOUROUS all through out the wedding...
u woudnt want to look greasy right? TIP: watsons offers diff.
varities of oil control sheets, grab 1 and let the oil sheets do the MAGIC!

do not forget to bring you're companion!
oh yes Perfume is a must .... u woudnt want to smell stinky on ure wedding day.
if u look good on you're wedding gown be sure to smell good!
a lot of our guests will greet and kiss us.... so be sure we smell pleasant...
i mean very pleasant..hahahahha

for hair breakouts & falls u need to be ever ready to have it fix
or else u might end up looking like ..... luka!

again for instant freshness we need powdah... not just a face powdah
but also a loose powdah! this can also help stains invisible .... for some!
definitely a must have for me and for my Groom... of kors if i want to look GUD
i want my hubby to look GUD also.... so why not keep him fresh by blotting
some powdah on his cheeks! LOVELEEH!


everybody needs this.... but us specially, remember those guests who
will greet & kiss us? we don't want our breath to smell awkward!
and for sure we don't want to see eeeerrrrry face after we say
OH thank u for coming! hahahha!

a lot of tissue ..... BOW!
we need this really, even if we have our hanky ready we still
need disposable tissues.... specially for NON-STOP crying & laughing.

mirror is one of the Bride's best friend ....
Y? because were to conscious about our appearance on our BIG DAY
and we would always wanna see if we look good all the time.
So, we should have a compact mirror ready, instead of rushing
to the wash area every after interval. CHECK!

Yeah a MUST have! we know that accidents happens, (not tragic)
i mean unforeseen scene during weddings. I encountered a lot of this before
Literally speaking one common problem is with the gowns,
there might be last minute alteration, so just to be ready
why not add this to our wedding tote.. a little sewing kit
wont occupy huge space in our tote so go ahead and bring one.

we need some extra stocking's
and every BRIDE knows that for sure!

a lot of us attended weddings before, some of us were impressed & some are not, some weddings may look perfect and some do not.... we woudnt want to experience humiliation and bad feedback's after all our efforts to make our BIG Day supper special... so Bride's to be need to be precautious about everything..... Be mindful & dont forget to take this MUST HAVE seriously!


Our Official Wedding Church "Manila Cathedral"

Why we choose Manila Cathedral?

Sometime in 2001 after Uno proposed, we attended a wedding in San Agustin, its a night wedding ,i was mesmerized with the whole ceremony ...the church is perfect.. the lights are enchanting everything is so beautiful (but that's during that time). But now its different, the walls are fading parang napabayaan na ang simbahan or might be di lang nalinis. I said to myself this is not the church that i want , it looks different prang naging ordinary church na lang sya na naluma na lang ng ganun ganun.

Manila Cathedral

I love it... d2 ako rarampa ng BONGGAH!
so NEAT!loveeleeeh!

Uno saw how impressed i am and said "Han dito kita pakakasalan" naks! So sa 9yrs nming engaged we thought of marrying in San Agustin.

In 2006 we went to Intramuros, di ko lang sure kung bakit kami andun pero that's the time na na-apreciate ko ng bonggah ang Cathedral. It was dark inside,mdyo gloomy (hapon na ba yun?) there are people praying , some are loitering some are not, Pero still i find the church very Beautiful, it was like dejavu...(u know whatta i mean).. galing na ba ako ditey? (nag aala maruja pa daw ako hahahah)parang MAGIC.... ewan ko pero we have something dibah na nafefeel .... prang ang hirap idescribe pro u knew from the start na heto na talaga yun.... So from then on kasama na sa lists ko ng possibleng church venue ang Cathedral!

"the zupeer winner na aisle"
100 or 120 steps?

1st Sunday of September together with ate shiela, Batel (youngest sis ng pogi ko) and Mama Judith , naks full forced! We visited Intramuros, main purpose is to look for our wedding church and venue reception......Napaka humid ng weather that time pro we did enjoyed the ocular tour. Im not into historic kemeru pero the old walls , capiz windows, stoned walkways always mesmerized me... (very medieval.... very goddesses era)chos! 1st stop Manila Cathedral, we saw how beautiful the church was lalo na when all the lights are open, (since BER months na mas mabilis dumilim so mga 5:15pm pa lang u see how the chandelier lights compliments the old cieling, not so old pla kse it looks so clean prang nirepaint na) ang gandah pra kang asa ibang dimension....Hay wla na atang mas E-ENCHANTING (word for today: ENCHANTING) pa sa view ng church mapaloob at labas ng Cathedral! haylabeeeeeeeet!...

Manila Cathedral at NIGHT!
Enchanting so DIVAH!

Oops i forgot to mentioned during our ocular, me kasal sa Cathedral, feeling ko sinadya ni LORD na maka witnessed kmi ng wedding na bonggah .... (winner tlagah!) So yun habang busy kmi nag uusyoso sa kinakasal, The GROOM whispered " Han gsto mo na ba dito tayo magpakasal? (wlang atubili) i said YES han, gusto ko dito, naimagine ko tuloy ang sarili ko na naglalakad sa red carpet wid all the white calla lilies sa aisle....panalopi! OK hanie ure wish is my command sabi ng Papa Un's,nxt weekend balik tyo so we can make reservations. After a week we went back to Cathedral & attended the seminar & accomplished the DP! ( di nman ora-orada dvah hahahahah!).

heads up:

* cathedral requires early reservation
* seminar for about to wed couples is required
* reservation fee is 8k
* non-aircon costs 18k
* additional 1k for electricity fee (video/lights)

Pero i heard nag increase na ng fee for 2009? Not sure how much pro TRUE na nagtaas nga sila. After our Canonical last Feb'09 we decided na to pay the Balance, we booked kse Sep'08, So since andun na din lang kami edi sinettle na namin para mabawasan ang mga bayarin and yun nga the Secretary mistakenly provided us with a wrong balance, she thought kasama na kami sa increase (thank GOD hndi) - (one of the so many perks couple's will enjoy if they book their suppliers early.) sa aircon set up its expensive .30k na atah? kaya nga nung inoffer sakin ni Uno, i said NO, ok na tong hndi aircon.hindi nman na mainit ang september and besides 6pm wedding namin so BIG NO no sa aircrush! sayang ang budgey.....(naks natututo nko infairness mag manage ng datung winner)

Our Entourage Gowns

I want this gown details secret sana muna for now, kya lang i can't keep secrets tlgah even on my own wedding hahahahahh! Inspired by our theme motif here's our Entourage Gowns...


this gown was my Maid of Honor's choice..... asa Canada pa ang mareng ko pro this is exactly what she want's.. Bonggah! (ang lakas ng sofa ha).... chareeeng,
pro what i like about this gown is yung V neck Lace cut design,
Very Greek goddess ang dating....


i choose 3 kinds of gown design for my Bridesmaid pro heto ang pinaka bet ko,
bet na bet tlgah ng Bride ang Greek goddesses inspired gowns....
the color will be semi chocolate brown ... at ang tela, naku hndi ko maalala yung
sinabi ni tita GLO (the owner MAG-INA Boutique)..
bsta gnyang gnyan ang gsto kong design for them.
Bet na bet ko yung pa sway sway ng tela while walking,
prang asa runway lang ang mga abays.... luveeet...


luveleeeeeh! this my very first gown inspiration and d2 ko nabuo yung color motif,
i like the simplicity and elegance this gown projects. I fell in love with the color and design of this gown....zupeer winner ang cut ng TUBE hihihihi! ...
Uno even said "ang gandah nman nito han ang simple pro sosyal tignan
(Hmnn coming from the groom's opinion yan ha...
so that means panalopi tlgah ang design.)

front view.... very nice... i know my 2 pamangkins & my inaanak
will look so prinsesa ala AWESOME with this gown.
so love the color and the design, sna lang wlang mag tantrums ng bonggah sa marcha at
syang ang eksena ng gown na toh pag nagkataon.....
kya pra sa mga kumare ko na parents ng mga flower-pop-gurls be sure na
kumpleto sa orlok ang mgabagets at busog bgo rumampa
pra panalopi ang eksena.

back view... bonggah ng v-shape.... and the ribbon...... hndi sya exaggerated
hndi mukhang pang sagala lang...... luveeeet!

I know most of the entourage members nowadays eh sagot ang knilang gowns and that means they have the liberty to choose what design they want, pro i break the rule hehhehehe! (me mas makapangyarihan pa ba sa Dashing Bride hhahahahha) some of my friends disagree pro banatan ko ba nman na "minsan lang ako ikakasal hndi mo pa ba pagbibigyan yung gsto kong design at mananahi" hahahahhaha! so ang ending akei ang nagwagi. Gsto ko kse uniform ang design pra winner sa picture.,Kaya nman will have one mananahi pra epek ang pagkakagawa.....

Well mahal tlgah akei ng mga Friends ko (or wla lang tlgah silang choice hahahahhaha), even Uno's Friends kse most of the Men's Suit is knya knya din sila..So ang bottom line we don't have to worry and include all of this sa aming Makasaysayang WEDDING BUDGET ! (WINNER)....! hehheheh , pro for both our mom's and Uno's sister definitely kmi ang sagot.hihihihihi!

Oooops Tommorrow is our last & final sukatan partee for the Entourage...., ill be joining them of kers and Cathy will be there also to assist...exciting.....

Couple's Passion for FOOD

"There are reasons why couple's stick together"
some reasons are they have something in common,some because they share
both love for TECHIE's , some both have passion in reading books,
some because they are really meant for each other,
But for us one of the reason why we jive a lot is
because we both have passion for FOOD hahahahah!
oo sabi ko sa lapuk..... my UNO loves Chinese
and fastfoods to name few heto cla.

well, h2 nakalakihan nmin kse h2 ang pinaka malapit na fudchain sa skul heheheheh!
15.55 pa lang ang burger nla nun hahhahaha! nyemaz ang onda na nmin !

my personal favorite & now my uno's fave too......
mdalas pag date nmin d2 kmi.... just love the idea of cooking your fave seafud & uno's fave meats on the spot... pasok sa banggah! khit na ba i know how to make our own SHABU2 we still take time to visit this resto......

hay naku h2 ang di pinagsasawaan ni Uno.... simula ng na introduce ko sya sa
Superbowl aba gsto lahat ng lakad nmin eh d2 lumaps.....
hirs 2 of Uno's fave in Superbowl!

hanies fave cuttlesfish

and the famous HAKAO we both LOVE!

we love the feeling na fresh from Palengke ang kakainin
Winner mapa Macapagal dampa or Dampa in sucat or Libis
We love shylin... winner ang buttered shrimp at adobong pusit!

ah h2 dhil me mlapit na savory smin, d nwawala sa lists nmin ni UNo....
if he wants pancit na saucy at pag nagpapa gud shot ke mommy
d2 kami sa walang sing winner na savory.

kelangan ko pa ba sabhin toh.
everyone knows kng gano kapaborito to ng mpapangasawa ko
Dyusme.. h2 ang no. 2 sa puso nya ..... kya nyo bang lumaps ng 1 quarter pounder w/cheese,large coke,large fries,1piece chicken wid spag or minsan rice @ BIGMAK sa isang
upuan? well UNO does hahahahah!
ako nman chicken nuggets solve nako..... or pounder w/cheese kota kinabalu na!

my latest fave : Maxims authentic Chinese Fud in ONGPIN

This is not the maxims na makikita mo sa malls, h2 yung orig na maxims
sa ONGPIN... ay zupeer winner d2... mura ang fud
and Talapi Talapu .... Panaloping so Tunay....
introduce ko pa lang to ke papa Un's pag tambling nmin sa Ongpin

one of our Fave
Alam nmin na for sure hetong resto na to ang hnding hndi nmin
pagsasawaan.... ayan gsto ko tuloy tumambling sa LUK YUEN ngayon na as in ngayon na

next to mc. donalds.
this is one of my papa UN's fave
Uno loves chicken hahahah kya nga nabansagan ng tropa ng manok eh
minsan unok hhheheheh!
col. burgers and hot & spicy chicken wid mashed potato is a must for UNO
ako chicken rice & coleslaw lang epek na .... mushroom soup pa pla

i am not a sweet lover nor uno
pro when i tasted Mango Bravo of contis...
mah gudness nahilig ako bigla sa cakes... (particulary contis MB nga)
it melts in your mouth! So panalopi!
Uno only tasted the chocolate kembot ng Contis & he like it....


i am not a kopi lover
pro since i need extra dose to save me from sleeping sa opis
natutunan ko uminom ng kape hahahhaha!
and i love coffee beans mocha ice blended coffee wid WHIP!
mpapa whip it gud ka tlgah sa talap!
Uno's into kopi but not commercial kopi actually ayaw nya yung pa starbaucks2x
mas bet nya yung sa bahay kopi gnyan, plain black & sugar nga solb na sya eh!

yes monsters pizza in the house
UNO loves pizza and this pizza suffice his cravings
4 diff. flavah wid dips pasok sa banggah! HUGE pizza with minimal price,
fave pag me mga house partee ang troopah!

craving for CREPES... well h2ng fave
nmin ni papa UN's Cafe Breton!
the best Gallete Paysanne for me
and Hamburger Crepe for HIM!
for dessert will share nman sa malakas na
blueberries & cream! check!

Hanie loves EGG
true yan papiliin mo sya egg o pork
EGG ang ppliin nya...
Kaya nman he loves dining @ heaven & eggs....


Its a Girl Thinggy.....

Sharing an early surprise GIFT from my Soul Sistah!
npaka powerful nitoh mareh , divah divah na nman ang
Dashing SO Bubbly Bride... Pak!
I so love it! anovah yan im to lucky nman tlgah
i did not ask for this pero, look how swerte i am for having a friend who
always puts a smile on my face, (alam mo yan Mareng! Cheers!)
o sya aaminin ko na not just a smile on my face, isang bonggah
IKMYL tlgah, hahahha with matching
shimmering eyes habang zinozoom ang pics na
sinend ng Budang ..... Mareh isa na nman to sa mga dahilan
bat puyatar akey hahaha! kilala mo nman akey pag na excite eh di biro,
tlgang wang orlokan at wang kurapan @ always na eernash!
Pak! hahahahah!

Gracias ng Bonggah teh, u made one of my wishes come TRUE!
Before mo kse igiblak itey eh have na ako na kinekemeng BLOG about my
wishes & kembot's before the wedding.....
at isa to teh sa malakas na winish ko...
ay tatambling ka pag nabasa mo yung BLOG.. under construction pa kse
at wit ko pa maisip yung ibang wishes and dreams kei..

Well ishare ko ng eksena ng "GURLY Thinggy" na itey!
well docu to teh! knows mo yan! PakKPIkpaK!

June 17,10am pagkagcing check akey ng ketay
txt from BUDANGERZY roaming.... pagbukas ang message dai asa ka?
dali me papa syt ako syong malakas na emyas.
reply akey na hndi nareach ang Budang... bat kya? boyang nman!
nag send uli ang Budang same message... reply akey na on d way na akey pajuwela
zupeer chat kamez pag tumbling ko ng balur!

Ayun mor chat... invite to view her webcam at sabi dai epek ba toh?

isang malakas na PAK teh ang lakas sagot ko, panalopi teh
sbi ng budang organic yan dai, ay benggah!
O pra syo yan.... tambling.... Gracias nman Amigah

in a addition sa malakas na pang smokey eye epek
me giblak pa ang Mareng na isa pang malakas na Organic Pengky....
The Blusher
Siyeeeeet mareh walang ksing lakas.....

for me she's a Soul Sistah!
Very True ang hirap humanap ng Tru-laz na friend sa magulo at busy world nming mga
Celebreties hahahahahaah! Cheers mareh!
Salamat na Plentyful Wonderful
excited na akey sa mga malalakas na emyaz na yan.....
CHeeeers to us Beautiful Girls!

loveeeeleh GOODIES from U.S.

I fell in love with this sticker the first time i saw it...I like it , i like it, i like it! so I emailed the supplier to check if they accept orders outside US? Sadly they don't, Na frustrate nman ang dashing bubbleee Bride ..... isip kng pano mpapasakamay tong mga kembot na toh! teneng! si ate liza hhihihi.... perfect timing nman at lately me communication kmi ni ate Liz (my friend & ate who's in the US)....

*lovely stickies*

so yun nga supeer email ako ke Ate Liz, hanggang she offered to order those stuffs and then ship it to Manila, (What a Lucky Dashing Bubbly Bride I am wehehheeeeh (ang haba whew!). Owe u a lot ateh.... a million thanks!

he Next day i was so excited i spent the whole afternoon browsing the web until i saw this can openers, (hmmn) it looks nice ->its so nice it does comes in tag's too and a personalized box..... a nice gift for our principal sponsors and male entourage????? so i asked ate Liz if she can include this can openers to my order.. (pra isang bagsak na lang).

*the can opener*

oops wait im not yet done hehehe,(syempre pa wlang sawa ang pagbrowse ko dvah so me na-ispatan na nman akei) this chocolaty brown pillow rings. (naku pangatlo na to, maisara na nga tong suppliers website or else i end up seeing good stuffs again & again heheheh) kse nman this website has its ceremony "must have" portion na nkakalokah tlgah at andaming mgagandang pag giblak hndi lang sa basta guest even sa friends...

*the chewy chocs pillow rings*

Hir it iz.... tantararan the chocolatey pillow ring, simple pro it matches our motif very well, so again kahit na nakakahiya na ke ate liz eh i even asked if she can add 1 pillow rings. Hay
I cant wait to open the box filled with stickers , can openers and our pillow ring.