Perpect FIT

We been searching for Men's Line Shop's and mananahi for UNO's SUIT... (mga ilang tamblingan din sa mall ito), good thing me nakausap sayang friend na me patahian... until one sunday, we have no plans of purchasing one since me nkausap na nga ang GROOM. Hetong istorya.....

While walking papuntang money changer ng mall, we saw different lines of suit, (sabi ko han mukhang me maganda gusto mo sukat ka tapos pagaya natin sa mananahi?) Eh game ang pogi, so i select 3kinds of suit, the 1st one is ok pero bitin sa braso,nkakalokah 3/4's na SUIT? so wrong... hahahahah! actually pati ang GROOM natawa, yung pangalawa gusto nya pero me makintab naman na lining , parang strobe lights lang hahahah, very pang contest ang aura, so ligwak na agad and yung last choice ang nagustuhan nya in fairness wonderful nman tlgah yung tela, super lambot at hndi makapal which is what were looking for,kase mainitin ang GROOM, ZERO Glamour nman kung lapot sya sa wlang humpay na pikturan davah!

So sa madaling sabi "WE FOUND THE RIGHT SUIT", just right for what the GROOM wants.... Bet nya kase ang SLIM FIT pra daw di sya mataba tignan (hu-WOW... conscious) ... yeheeey isa na namang malakas na accomplishment for the day....Meron pa plang isang malaking factor kung bakit namin nagustuhan ang SUIT kase me isang masugid na salesman na hindi nagpakita ng inis at yamot sa tagal nmin pumili hahahaha! Nakakatuwa naka ilang shombling ata sya sa stock room to look for the right size..winner....Sa sobrang aliw nmin ni Uno sa kanya eh gusto ba namang bigyan ng tip-AKLONG ng Groom hahahahah, sabi ko -> Han hndi to restaurant pra mag tip .......komedi!!!

As per his Marching Shoes, necktie, socks,hankies ok na, Polo na lang ang kulang, wla kse kming makitang plain na champagne gold or dark brown. Hopefully when he comes home makakita na kami..

The Usual we wont show the ACTUAL Wedding SUIT hehehehe,more surprise mga shufatid, anyway few days from now the secret will be revealed.... TAG na lang muna :D



Wedding is not all about the BRIDE
Its about two souls that are bind to be together infront of GOD
and all the people they love.

It is during this time of my life that i realize that its always the BRIDE and the BRIDE alone who is treated zupeer extra special during weddings, people around us would always show their concern about the bride and is more excited to know everything that the Bride is going through. How about the GROOM?
There maybe people who from time to time asked about the GROOM,but for some reason i do not understand why people would always focused on the BRIDE - (dhil ba once in a lifetime lang to? bakit hndi ba pwedeng once in a lifetime to sa GROOM) Very odd because a wedding wouldn't be complete w/out the GROOM. I would always hear people say... its her wedding.... her alone?ako lang ba tlgah ang ikakasal? hahahahha! wierd!

FOR me ITS OUR WEDDING....the Star of the Partee is not merely ME but US.. we are both the CENTER OF of ATTRACTION the STAR - DIVA OF THE Celebration.

This blog was written from the very start of our wedding preps, but to no avail its only now that i get the chance to post it. (hndi pa nga tapos eh , pinilit ko lang hahahah, obviously pictures are not yet uploaded). It took me so long to finally post this because i want to capture those times when my GROOM - my partner & my Hanie enjoys preparing for our BIG event.... I want to incorporate those pics were UNO is the bida and not me. I saw him focused on what to & not to priority when we started planning, he may maybe a lurker at times but u don't know how BIG the ideas and inspirations he has on mind.I should say MY Partner is not always at my side during preps because of his work, but virtualy speaking he is very visible.

Nobody knows that he is very much hands on too, until i post this BLOG. In spite of the distance and tremendous demand on his work he still finds time to share whatever ideas and inspirations he has on mind, his frequent emails, decision makings & being the BANKER (im the teller kasi) plays a BIG role in making our wedding extra special To sum it up "The whole preps wouldn't be complete w/out his "SAY". He is not just an ordinary Groom, he is an AWESOME GROOM :D

I am just to lucky and blessed for having a partner who is not only inlove with me but also who is very much willing to do his share (not only the huge amount of budget he did invest for our wedding) and the thought that he inspires me more by being the MAN who stands always beside me is really something i should be proud off.

Thankful and blessed that i am, i would always thank GOD for not just giving me the man of my dreams but also for giving me a PARTNER who is not just there when i need the most but is also here to protect me and love me and even marry me in front of HIM and all the people who is important to us. GOD is so good he mold this man to be my partner.

With this i would like to pass the hat to my Fiance, My Groom, My hanie, My buddy, My best friend and my soon to be HUSBAND for being the best person he is and for being passionate about the love we have shared for each other. My Life, my well being and my wishes & dreams comes true because of his undying LOVE for me. If there will be at any point in my life that i have to choose who to marry, it would always be my UNO... and him alone that ill choose.

find this lyrics so nice and very true!

"You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you
I just cant compare you with anything in this world
You're all I need to be with forevermore"

Capturing the most memorable moments of MY soon to be Husband

taken during our PRE-NUP SHOOT

in Between SHOOTS

ang napaka walang reklamong GROOM...
he doesnt mind wearing make-ups
nakita nyo nman with ALL smile

mukha lang syang aburido dyan pro his not
he loves shopping for his

checking our wedding expenses ayaay!
see seryoso hahahha!

oh he loves fud tasting
this was taken @ ELOQUENTE
khit na malamig na ang FUD he did enjoyed it!

more pics coming up!


First leg of our PRE-NUP with TM

-lomo shoot winner-

Very Surprising..............akala ko effortless ang pagpose infront of the camera... kse nga i love pics and sanay na ako sa angles hahahah well ... hndi pla..ang hirap mag pose sa harap ng photographer conscious na conscious ang dashing bubbly Bride...

Nadaig ako ng GROOM hahahahah! well it was only in our pre-nup that i discovered that UNO can be a best actor hahhahaha... he smiles and acted naturally in front of the camera... while ako stiff kya nman i dont find some of the pics fabulous hahahah (pro wlang kinalaman dun ang P/V nmin .... ako ang salarin TM hahahah), pero in all fairness to TM he is a GOOD Photographer, magaang katrabaho at cool... khit na medyo reklamador ako sa mga pingagagawa nya he still manages to smile & motivate us more na mag emote in front of his napaka powerful cam... sadya lang maarte ako at likas na me pagka usisera hahahahah! Nakakalokah..... andyang mahiga ako sa bar hahahahha, mag ala nina, sitti sa studio at mag emo-emo sa harap ng plenting utaw hahahahahah....

Galing ng shoots specially this one...... astig yung lights and the scene very uno and jhonnie!

10thumbs up TM!
ang winner winner nito

we rock!

Super winner at saya ng shoot.... Jim Guerero of Loreal Philippines & TM was on time ..... kmi ang hindi.... shame on us, medyo aligaga kse we only have limited time to do this.... I was too busy preparing for something else & my Groom just arrived from a 3mos contract abroad.. so mdyo hagard pa sya plus samahan pa ng panghaharass ko to do all the things needed ........ sadista hahahahah!

one of our favorite shoot!

Ok so back to pre-nuppy... we shoot at 2 diff. location, one was in a wine cellar in Makati and the other one was at a Band Studio in Malate. Good thing i choose indoor shoots kse if not my gudness lapot na kmi parehas ng Groom... Imagine powerful nman ang aircrash sa location pro ang hndi namin maintindihan eh bakit kmi pinagpapawisan ng so BONGGAH! hahahhahaha! Comedy nmang tunay ..... pero its worth the pawis nman, kse TM still captures the best anggulo ( pro TM promise sa wedding day yung anggulo ko ang focus ha hehheheh). I wanted to share all the photos pro according to my wedding planners ..... keep it muna between us ... show some teaser lang muna daw para exciting!

1st part of the Pre-Nup is more on our Chef Theme..... we wore the same chef uniform and toque's... its more of intimate pics between us and our love for cooking... by the way my fiance nga pla is a pastry chef ako nman chef wannabe lang hahahhahah!

cant smile naturally ang init d2 sa kitchen na toh award

and the wines tell it all

2nd part of the shoot was more on what we both love .. MUSIC.... were both member of the band waywayback when we were in H.S. ..We decided to invite our entourage to be there & be part of the shoot... sayang lang not all of them was there specially my Maid of Honor who is in Canada.This shoot was so fun at d2 ako naubusan ng energy. The gamest (me word bang ganyan hahahah) entourage ever hahahahah, walang ka effort effort kng magsipag project sa camera... panaloping tunay....

whata awesome entourage they are

First leg pa lang to hahahhaha. what more pag pinost ko pa yung shoots using cathy & emz cam.... panalopi :D

Hay... Uno & I felt so good , sa wakas were done with our pre-nup.... Thanks to my causin's majo & cathy u did an EXCELLENT JOB... (tongyang nah yohoooo)... to Jim who made my eyes so so powerful... (thanks tita fanny hahahah) to em whuz been always puyat bcoz of me hahahhaha... salaymat mare for taking time to help in any way u can...to ate shiela for driving all the way to makati-pasay-singalong-makati-manila..... we love u ateh with all our heart. To Tm for being so matyaga, pagka-bait & easy to deal with lalo na sa rates hehehhehe! (hats off to cathy the bridge over the not so troubled watah) to my entourage whuz been so game during the shoot.... u rock mga amigot-amigah! And to my FIANCE, BESTFRIEND, MAN, MY SOULMATE & MY PARTNER... thank u for making all this things possible.... u loved me so much u made all my wishes come true... I love u with all my heart HANIE... i WILL never forget how u whispered to me those heart melting phrase during our shoot.. iM am so lucky and TRUELY blessed to have found you. I love u Hanie....



-PRE NUPPY behind the scene-

Been so busy the whole week preparing for OUR pre-nuppy .....
em, took some prep pics during the actual pre-nuppy
just want to share some of those cute pics...

Sharing our behind the scene photos.... Jaraaaaaaaaaaan!
cathy's version coming up soon! busy lang ang wedding planner!

ayan habang inaalarma ko ang entourage to be
on time sa studio hahahaah!
Bonggah ng shoot ditraks, very kinesa atashi!
at aminin mo me clevang ako ditey hahahah winner!

very healthy nman ng miryends hahahah
very tuna very protina
PAK! cheers!

the diva na so BUSY
.... the dashing BUBBLY Bride.....

meryenda is set
the Titania way!
(kailngan long table hahahha)

goofing around with my POGI!

Hannie fixing my chef coat
he said i look beautiful wearing those chefy kembots...
(nambola pa eh)

the BUSY Pogi
wearing his chucks

d dashing bubbly BRIDE assisting the GROOM's
pangangailangan hahahha!
habang abala ang cathy kaka-capture!

Hindi siya si Fanny Serrano .....
kamukha lang hahahhaha!
its JIM Guerero of Loreal Philippines..
bet ko si atih, very NICE & very PRO!

getting some instructions from TM Malones
(h2 atah yung sinasabi ko na me anggulo ako hahahahha)

all in all msaya ang photo shoot yun lang ngka stiff neck ako after hahahhahahaha!kse ang angle .... i mean hndi ako snay sa angle na bet ni TM hahahah, (peace TM) more sa kanan kse akey to hide my hndi pantay na duo-eye, pro epek lang im sure TM will take my anggulo a BIG challenge lalo na on d day of my Wedding!

Presenting our BLING BLING

totoo na to, i cant believe it after 9yrs of engagement here
we are finally taking the BIG Leap!


After a long and winding road 2 people become one!

Presenting our very own proof of Love



white gold with 3 little diamond stones that signifies


lomo-lomo shoot love it


more on a clear view this time.... ihihihii! i just love looking at it


yes with the butchie and the sawsawan as props winner!
bakit me chinese fud ... kse asa Ongpin kmi nyan of kers present ang
chenez fud..and with my arms pasok na pasok!


because u ask for it! here are the BRIDE's

Harbats, Haharbatin pa lang hahahah! Looking & searching similar to this Fab kembots, Im just an ordinary girl standing in front of a lapey who wants everything hahahahah.(all gurls do love what i love to have....very femme hahahhahaha, more kaartihan lang tlgah ang Bubbly Bride.... I guess epekto na din ng babad sa jintervash... u get to see a lot of IN's & Out's.... love it !

Here are some of the so many things i want to have before i finally walk down the long & winding aisle hahahhahah! Huling hirit bko ikasal! Cheeros mga amigah!

vest - chalekoh o whatever bsta i wanna have 1 similar to this!

hanie & i saw 1 pero OA ang price ha 1.6k gudlak
nkakahinayang nman eh what if magpatahi na lang kya ako?

lakas nman ng likod wang korte hahaah!
pro I still find this vest very butiful!

Next to my list is this semi formal & not so formal & very nice blouse na dress? ahahhahahahah! Nice nito... saw one in Bayo kaso chaka ng color kya supeeEr hanap pa kami ng Groom.

gandah! panalo tong outfit sa food feeding program chareeeg!

very very NICE!
-love the aura-
I wanna wear this just before the wedding or right after the wedding
with the short,the baggey & the malakas na cloggies

the so misis na aura... love it!

plain and simple
pang aura pag namamalengke na ako ng mga porkies for my hubby.

Next thing i want is a Takoyaki cooker..... naadik ako sa super lakas na takoyaki sa MOA
the pinaka masarap na takoyaki ko ng nashikman buong buhay ko. PAK!

panalopi.... lalo na sa mga partees na ithro-throw ko for family,
friends and some piling-piling constituents hahahhah!

in addition pla sa next thing i want is a pasta maker machine
so Nigella Lawson & sino nga ba yung sa everyt day italian?hala nalimutan ko name

I also wanna have this pair of heels & clutch for my board meetings sa barangay hahahahahha! wala lang i find this really sexy khit hndi nman ako sexy ......so much like it!

Ah h2 khit na after the wedding na to hahahahhaha, (mahal eh kailngan ng malawakang ipon)kse the Groom always inspire me to study photography, since daw i love taking PICS and do some contrast & saturation edits (dvah em hahahah!PAK!loveeet)eh ipractice ko daw ang passion...yun lang according to cathy disadvantage skin yun kse hndi na ako ang subject ng shoots hahahah kse ako na me hawak ng npakalakas na EOS digital rebel .... nagdalawang isip tuloy ang BUBBLY Bride!

More on my wishlist ... Siguro its about time to have this KIT full of my emyas gadgeys hahahah.... andami kong gstong pag aralan at eventually pagkakitaan bhwahahhahah! Seriously speaking to ha! I want to explore and make myself busy being a housewife at the same time earn extras with the crafts i so love....

Hndi nman obvious na im so into cosmetics (very oldskul hahaha, prang graduate lang ng matute skul of fashion wahhahahahahah). I inherited this thru my mommy who is until now eh pala-ayos pa din.... I remember her saying ang babae lalo na pag me asawa na kailngan ay lagi pa ding naka ayos..... Ayun kahit im still single eh kinarir ko yun., pero looking some belats who were married and tend to look losyang... i said i will never look like that.... dibale ng maborta wag lang nanggigitata hahahahahah!

I saw one similar to this online & still im thingking whether to get it or not to.....
very tight ang budget ngayon bcoz 58days from now eh were getting hitched na...
Pro definitely im gonna have mine soon!

Winner! problem is madadala ko ba to sa mga malling at out of town shows ko?
hahahahahha,yung make up kit ko nga na folded eh hassle na sa bag
eh hahahha what more h2 bulkyvash na kit....

Furniture's..... though we don't have our official nest yet, I'm looking on having this 3 piece for our dream playground..... i may not have this before the wedding (wla nman kseng paglalagyan unless kandungin nmin to ni UNO hahahahha). Pro for sure when we have our own baler will have this....

the white sofey is mine while the black is my Hanie

this lovely bubbly hanging chair is really cute...
looks expensive ENVICO eh! pro we can make it customize ... pinoy pa
eh no. 1 ata to sa piracy hahahha!

A cabinet full of Korean OUTFITS hahahah!
I was hooked to Korean/Chinese fashion ng nag CLICK ang
UKAY_UKAY! Most of my Ukay2 clothes are korean styles....
and just recently one of my multiply contacts (be gorgeous)
sell diff korean stuffs and here some of my best pick...
pricey lang sya online but since i have UKAY2 just a few tamblings away from Balur pwedeng pwede kong karirin ang paghahanap ng bonggang korean fashions na yan hahahah, jintay lang akey ng BIG BIG sale pra mas winnie codero!

andami ko atang na upload hhahahahah!

For now .. at this very moment... (me time stamp yan hahahah) eh h2ng kinalolokohan kong magkaron.... hopefully wishfully..... dreaming.............