the Last minute Practice

"Hanie wants to have the same set someday"

Yeah last minute practice, prang performer lang sa Japan, Uno and I together with Majo, Cathy & Pipay had the 1st & last practice @ PRO777. Hanie and I wanting to have the greatest performance of our life on our wedding day ,thought of having this so called Grand Entrance & Exit on our Wedding day. We are performing ... yeyevoom u heard it so right! aaura kmi ng supeer bonggah sa stage hahahah! My Husband will play drums for the Grand Entrance, while on the Grand Exit ill be the one to sing ala Sitti (yeah ill be otso instead hahahahahah) and my handsome partner will play percussions... Such a Winner!

It was my so henyong idea to give the best moment for my groom, i wanted him to be the highlyt of our wedding so i told Majo and Cathy that give the floor to UNO. Most of the people dear to us knows that my Fiance loves music and loves to play drums, so sa mdaling sabi my Papa UN's will be opening the partee by doing some pasikat at pabonggah on our wedding the plan is i wanted to surprise all the guest by having the so unique entrance kembot.... most weddings welcomes the newly wed together but this time its different, Uno will be the only one to enter the venue.... lights off, spotlight will be just the only light and then he will play his most love instrument.... After a waging waging 2mins na pagtatambol, there goes our official wedding music "LOVELY" by Michelle Tumes on the background and the door where i stayed will open, bubble and fog machines will then flow as he goes where i stand... winner! And thats the time that will walk down the red carpet - aisle together.... Hailabeeeeet!

marijho asking his kuya if he can play atleast 2-3mins with no stopping at the same time
brief the Groom on when & where to enter ...

some sweet moments , PAK!
pwede bang mwala yan? hahahahah

we looked tired and pressured ...abay natural ilang kembot na lang
its our so so so BIG PARTEE nah!

nagco-concentrate ang aking loverboy sa eksna!

So yun nga dhil sa plano na yan we had our last minute practice.. yeah we had our practice the night before the wedding, haggard dvah hahahah pro what to do we want this is so gow !....Oh by the way our thanks to Pipay of purevibes for being there not just our instant music coach but also a friend who is so bait and so patience and so understanding sa TF hahahahhahaah! Cheers amigah!

Sha enjoy some of our precious moments together as we bade goodbye to singlenessss....

last NIGHT with the BRIDE

This is the most tiring and stressful day for me, na kahit na meron akong super stress buster na Farmtown wid my all tym fave baked potatoes ng wendys (dala ng aking pag-ibig) di pa din matatawaran ang haggard at aligagang feeling na nramdman ko buong buhay ko... as early as 3am im almost awake, busy fixing and re-arranging all the things i needed for tom's BIG event.... Today din ang check-in sa shang so i do all the things na pra i wont tend to forget or rushed before 2pm (check-in time). All the boxes were turned over to majo yesterday ,so nothing to worry much about it. Pero the table names are not yet completed since andaming changes last minute.

yeah while waiting hetong eksena koh... malakas na potassium intake from my
so fave na baked potatoes while hiring some peps
to plow sa hacienda ng fabolosa!

Hanie arrived past 4 na din kse he had to check-in din sa Dusit, while waiting for majo and caty's cue kung gow na ba kami sa PRO, relaxed muna ang mi esposo watching afternoon telenovela with mommy (wlang choice ang papa uns eh yun ang nkasalang hahahahahah) habang busy ako nag fafarmtown hahahahahah.

hahaha walang choice ang pag ibig ko kundi manood ng so burritos ala mexicana
de telenovela "por pabor " hahahahha

Because of my aligaga moods i wasnt able to alot time for my nail grooming... OO, hndi ako nakapag pa cutics ng bonggah before the wedding as in none at all hahahahahah! Sa dami ng pwede kong kalimutan eh h2 pang nkalimutan ko ng bonggah, to think ang aming all tym paboritong taga curing ng kukelyas eh naghihintay lang sa sala hahahahahah.... andami ko ng pinauna na shumag anak kse nga abala akong tunay sa eksna, hanggang past 1 wla na akong choice kundi lumarga na pra mkapag check in .... buzar... after check in tuloy2 ng eksena at dko na nmalyan na wla na palang pwedeng maglinis ng kukels ko award. Well anyway me mlakas nman arabic nails na dala ang aking ATE jojie na wlang sing powerful so na cover ang mga wrongsteru sa kukelya . Hai salaymez!

After the last minute practice,we together with Majo and Cathy headed back to Makati,planning to have our dinner sana sa Lutong Macao pro sabi ng aking Uno, we have to rest na din agad so we might as well eat na lang or take out some food somewhere near the hotel and besides mommy,mama and batel is waiting na for us. So we arrived makati past 8, marijho and cathy rushed to landmark to buy some blank cd's , ako nman i ordered fud sa Inengs d not so powerful place to takeout for fuds, kse kulang2 ang eksena, pro since we have to choose a kainan na hndi na kami lalayo pinagtygaan na nmin d2). Uno bought waterlilys, canned softdrinks sa grocery.... (knya-knya kaming eksena pra mabilis).

dinner nman this time wid mudraks, cuzins & my shumangkin

I asked Hanie to go back to dusit na and dont bother to accompany us to shang, kse mdyo mabigat na din ang dala nya kawawa nman ang pogi ko,.... dming supot na bitbitar hahhahaha. We had our dinner na prang wla nman akong nalasahan at kulang kulang ang eksena ng Ineng's busar..... at isa pa hndi ko na mapaliwanag yung kaba na hndi lang bsta chanda ko ang nkakaramdam hahahahha ultimo ata kuko ko naninigas na sa nerbyos.... gnito plang pakiramdam hahhahahaha pro napawi nman yan ng umerna ako ng bonggah after chareeeeeng!

After our late dinner, pajinga ng a little bit at hinatid ko na ang 2 sa lobby of kers mor muna sa bogarcia. Habang katxt ko nman ang aking kaibgan na niloloko ko na pakapihin nman ang bride.... After ng mkasaysayang pag boogaruz... Back to rm.... konting pa fresh, txt ng gudnyts sa aking Groom, mor prayers b4 umorlok at hayun coma na akiz ng bonggah......

This is how i spend the whole day, afternoon...nyt b3fore my Wedding Day!


GUD Morning Mrs. Codilla

Gud Morning Mrs. Codilla - what a lovely morning greeting from my husband! Very True hndi na ito plano o panaginip o pangarap o haka haka hahahah , I'm married at Codilla na ang aking apelyido..... hailabeeet!

Its been a busy , tiring and yet wonderful and memorable nigh last night (wow puro NIGHT). Our wedding was a BLAST according to our family, relatives and friends who witnessed the 10yr. wedding in a making. hahahahhahaha! 8am were almost ready to attacked CIRCLES Buffet Breakfast hahahha.. Its our FIRST BREAKFAST together as husband and wife (with kilig ikmyl).

My Pag-ibig can't decide were to start hahahhaha!
mdyo na overwelmed ang loverboy ko, mdali pa nman maumay
so very lyt lang ang ginetlak nyang lafuz!

I was very at ease i didnt notice that my hubby was being so emotional telling me that i act like as if i was not married to him (pra lang daw kming d usual my boyfriend girlfriend hahahaha) coz when we were still GF and BF's we dont hold hands all the tym its like a typical girl boy walking and if we like to hold hands we do but if not we dont... hahahah! so i grab his hand and tell him ... han wag magshdong cheessy ha at nakakagutom lalo hahahahha. Then i remember the reason why his like that kse nga pla monthsarry nmin hahahahahh!

We choose the table near the window .... Circles is somewhat jampacked that morning, a lot of politicians and elites personalities are also there having their breakfast...

Hanie started the buffet with hash browns..... hams and breads.... while im busy getting some sushi and sashimi @ the japanice corner... 2nd turn i grab my fave pancakes with mascarpone and fresh blueberry jam with butter... ay Winner!

my very own platter of maguro & salmon sashimi, california maki
and crab & tuna maki ....check!

my favey French Blueberry Pancake with freshly made blueberry jam & butter
with mascarpone cheese (asa separate plate pla ang cheeee-sow)

We ordered Coffee and we had this Fresh orange juice in between. I get so excited with this little Heinz ketchup i even took pictures of it... We were full and bloated already we wanted to smoke... even if we wanted to have another round we cant na tlgah (kota kinabalu) .... syang hahahahahh! My husband loved the fud.... its so sulit ... everything u want is there already... if i have the capacity of 3 peps stomach , i can taste all the dishes and ransack whatever is edible and available, i swear.....Panalofing so Tunay! (pwede kayang ditey na lang kmi mag almuchow palagi? hahahah) Hanie love the resto as well as i do , he even told me that will be going back and have breakfast again.... yipeeeeeh! na excite na akiz agad khit wla pang date hahahahahha! cheeeers!

looks cutey...:)

i had 2 kinds of ham - > homemade sweet ham with cranberry marmalade sauce and the honey baked ham,
cheese quiche with cream cheese, camembert cheese & Livarot cheese (heaven)
buttered broccoli & carrots, a strip of waggly WAGYU steak.. BOX OFFICE HIT! :)

Such a winner andami kong nalaps hahahah

now I'm craving for this...
syang ang TIRA-misuh hahahahahah!

BURP! solve mga amigah........:)

I must say this is the Best Morning - Breakfast i ever had in my life.... Gud Place, Gud fud, cool atmosphere and with a Man i so LOVE... what more can be better than this very 1st morning i had with my Husband.!

call it 1st nyt Dahlin :)

Partee is over.... kapoy gid!

2:30am we reached makati shang with empty stomach... oh yez.... tommy-lee kming mag bowa... Nakakalokah, i had my last meal eh around 10:30am @ circles while my husband nman had her brunch inside the hotel munching picha pie..... After nun sa reception na ang next na meal na very very light lng, now i know why friends told me to eat a lot while on prep mode sa hotel, kse daw i will never have time to enjoy the food sa reception at zupeer non stop nmang bonggah ang eksena....

So yun nga, we had no choice but to eat what was left at the hotel so madaling salita itoy mga TIRA-misuh hhahahahahah! in fairness naenjoy nmin ang freezing lechong manok at the very near ng masirang fud from the reception hahahhahaha, buti na lang me rice naku kng wala bka lumabas kami ng 3am at maghanap ng malalafungan. Maige nman at hndi nman kmi choosy ng loverboy....

After ng mkakasaysayang dinner, we rest for awhile and took some pictures, kinunan ko ang gifts, ang kama ang lahat ng eksena sa room.... dhil wla lang hahahhah pra msama sa documentation kei....haggard ng mga ichura nmin hahahahha, i washed my face khit na nakakajinayang bonggalin ang so powerful emyas courtesy of JIM Guerero ng Loreal (ayan JIM ha plugging- hahahhahaha!

We opened some gifts and chineck ko ng bahagya ang aking hacienda sa farmtown hahhahahahah, until my causin pakbet who is now in AFrica called .... ayun supeer berahan lang ng bonggah, nakakatuwa kse hindi nya nakalimutan bumati, boyang lang at witchells nga syang nka rampa at naraket pa ng bonggang bonggah. 3:45am h2 na we both feel kailngan ng ipikit ang mga duo-eye.AHUH tama ang nabasa nyo matutulog na kami hahahahhahahaha!... So there walang 1st nyt na naganap hahahhahahahah dahil back2back kming natulog sa sobrang pagod hahahhahahahaah! wala mang 1st night meron nmang unang hapon PAK!


Fit Just Right

Hanie and I went to MOA pra sa malakas na alteration ng knyang suit, after a week pa sya magetsung at andaming tanggap ng sastre hahahhahaha....

After a week we went back it was Friday 9-4-2009 , 4days before our wedding!

My Gulay paka gandang lalaki ng mapapangasawa kei..... Winner ang pagkaka alter. FIT just right, onting ikot sa mirror and posing to make sure Uno will be comfortable wearing it Viola! Pasok na Pasok sa Star Magic Ball ang kagwapuhan ng aking papa Un's....


all i want for christmas :)

Aside sa makasama ang aking esposo at lahat ng mahal sa buhay, h2ng mga bet ko this Paskong darating hahahhaha... very pambagets lang pro y nut chocknut... wishlist lang nman bka lang i-grant ni santa claus... chareeeng! BER months na kya there is only one thing in my mind.... GIFTS Galore hahahaha

I remember when i was young, mommy would always tell me to be good so that santa clause will shower us with gifts on xmas eve.... pero at the age of 8 i already knew there were no such thing as santa claus hahaahha, pano sa kagigierahan ko nag panggap akong tulog khit hndi hahahah so nabukelya ko ang mudak na super lagay ng gift sa paanan kei at super pinupuno ang medyas sa pintuan hahahhaha walang kawala na julie andrews ko ang mudak ahahahha.

Anyways, bakit nga ba me wishlists?well pra siguro parinig o pahapyaw sa mga taong me potensyal mag giblak hahahahha! Gnun pa man dedma bsta h2ng bet na bet kong mga paraparnalyas this coming days, weeks, months at pasko... cheers!

Kapit ng maige hahahahha kse plentyful wonderful ang bet ng Mrs. C. hagahahhahaha!

yeah bet na bet ko tong GC ..... good for 12 spa's hahahahha award me magtangka
kyang mag giblak nitez? membership na lang kya sa sa spa hahahhaha!

so winner na throw pillo like these.....loveeet!

white slippy uli hahahah wla lang nkaka pa - meztiza kse ng tiil eh Pak!

4pcs. ng bonggang pillow like this

ang paka pangarap na pasta maker!

Jar like Pasta Organizer / container whatever!

1 NEW IRRIDISCENT POWDER .... BY MAC @ jubusar na akin...

10yrs. supply ng malakas na toner na to hahahahha

pans and Pak cooking set hahahahahha!

mixer for my mi esposo

kitchen organizer ng mga stainless na gadgets en oll hahahaha

twiggy weekend suitcase pra sa mlakasang travels (prang jetsetter lang hahahah)

tooled vintage semi travelling baggey!

"malakas na wedges like the ff:"

black stainless microwave for instant jinit ng lafuks....
very gud for midnight snacks! PAK!

herbs n' spices organizer

mlakas na stocks ng mga cold cuts pra sa aking esposo

gastove wid oven for my esposo... pra mpraktiz nya ng bonggang ang baking skills!

a new fondue set for me and for u and for the entire human race
(yes race daw hahahahah) so jacko!

sobrang powerful na kurtina

2 cork pillows (dark color)

have na ba nitey ditez satin?
prang epek to dvah... so diva ng ref...

pangarap kong me magregalo ng ibat ibang klase ng keso skin yung
nkalagay sa malakas na basket wid malakas na ribbons Pak!

hay..... gusto ko to tlgah ....
pra sa mga malakasang partee with my constituents.. chareeeeeng!

bridal garmet bag please and make it color champagne gold or chocolate brown choz!
pra bonggah ang shoguan ko ng gownchina. Minus the model ha!

black or any dark color na bedsheet na me ksamang pillow case
for 4 hahahaha demanding!

malakas na brown vintage carry on bagey

have na akiz nitey pro i want the this benggang version pang beachy.. check!

pag d available yung isa bet ko din tong vintage carry on na itez!