Received Atty. Fortun's Calendar for 2010......   Got really excited and PROUD to be CHOSEN and FEATURED. Yippie hippie Yippeeeee :D

our wedding ring

my bridal shoe

What a wonderful way to start this year with this GIFT coming from a well known Attorney and Photographer...Again to Atty. Fortun, thank you for being part of our wedding and for making our photos featured in your  super special and limited Calendar for 2010....You made us so proud and happy .......


Trash That Dress Dahlin

We had the Most awaited Trash The Dress Shoot in Batangas last January 7, 2010..... Too lucky i got 3 slot's for my VL to make this shoot possible. Here are the Photos Uno and I fell in love with.

Photographer: TM Malones Photography
Venue: Acuatico, Laiya San Juan, Batangas
Hair & Make UP: Myself
Accessories & Props: My DIY Project's
Wedding Gown: Mag-Ina Collections
Groom Suit: Onesimus



Magical Indeed





Proud and Loud we are sharing this Wonderful Photos to the World.... (hhahahhah... hellow philippines hellow world lang ah ahhahah)....

More of our Trash the Dress Photo Shoot Stories to follow..... :D


Our First Christmas Together

Our Christmas Tree @ home

Christmas is my Favorite holiday of the year... I make sure i celebrate it with the people who's dear to me. Now it became more special since I'm celebrating it with the man i love. Its been 3mos. past since we got married and the intensity of love and togetherness is extremely undefined. I am just too happy and been so blessed I could'nt ask for anything more. And to give glory and praise to the Creator who made all this  things possible, I prepared special dish to share with my family and friends, my one way thanking and remembering the Birth of our dear LORD...

Our Family Feast on my Deep Dish Casserole (whom my Husband love), Baked Herb Cream Dory, roast chicken , the yearly traditional dish of my mom .... the classic Nilaga,  Chicken Afritada and Glazed Ham.. Burp! Oh I just love this season....

My deep dish Chicken Casserole

Blends well with mashed potato on top :D

Baked Herbed Cream Dory with Cream cheese & Cilantro Dip

and this is what we feast on last christmas eve...

 i keep coming back for more....

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