Persia Grill on Heart's Day

I was never a fan of Persian and Indian Foods... (i said it before). It was always Uno who is fond of this cuisine, i guess my palate wasn't as extreme as his in terms of determining which spice is used to compliment the dish.... i love spicy foods where in chillies or called it labuyo is used as its spice, but other than that for me its something i have to embrace for the love of my husband hahhahaha..no kidding i would take time anticipating what taste it has since its cooked with tons of spices.

This day i  made sure, ill make him smile and feel he was (so) loved by dating him at Persia Grill...... Uno, often times share with me his time reading some blogsites about their food trips and gastronomic experience wat not :D he was amused seing this huge lists of small and BIG persian resto serving in the metro. Since its valentines Day and I wanted him to feel i have made an extra effort to let him feel how deep is my love for him, in my own simple way (nakampuch hahahah). Its been 5 months since our wedding and until now i feel i havent given him what he deserves for giving me the best wedding i ever dreamed...for me all the food that i cooked for him wasnt enough to thank him kaya nman as what ive said earlier... in my own little way i wanted him to enjoy and splurge to whatever little things, food, unfamiliar place or anything that would make him smile and say His Happy. :D

To those Persian Foodie Addict, check this out:

HUMMUS - P95.00

hummus with pita

Beef Kebab - P80.00

Im comfortable in Makati Area, and also to avoid hassle from the traffic this Pyro O... brought to lots of commuters, i decided to take him to Persian Grill .... I never dine here before and so i was amused seeing what's inside .... its dim light and cozy.... hailabeeet!

Kabsa - P195.00
(my esposo's choice)

 Chelo Kebab Makhsos - P295.00


P300 for this



Being a cook at heart, I would always love to explore different kinds of dishes, I sometimes get from the food i tasted from one restaurant to another... But sometimes i get intimidated with different cuisine i never grew up eating, Indian and Persian Foodies was few of those . Until I tried the newly opened (re-opened) New Bombay with my office mates. It was me, Pesky and Andrea who take the risk of dining with lots of Indian nationals surrounding us (hahahah). The experience was worth the try since we fall in love with it's Biryani dishes.... The serving was damn huge you can share it with someone.

And today, I am again trying Indian Food,  now with my Husband, Uno loves curry dishes, so i searched for a resto somewhere in makati that would offer authentic curry dishes until we found Swagat, owned and managed by Indian National's. We enjoyed there Chicken CURRY , plain and buttered ROTI,  Mutton Masala , Sangam Biryani and Saag Paneer... 

We dig in and enjoyed every drop of sauce that stained our plates hahahhaha. Uno loves and enjoyed it so much he wanted to come back the next day and indulge with more of Swagat's famous dishes...

Worth a try..... :D