mission accomplished?

Another mission accomplished yeheeheeeey!.... were done with our canonical interview & pre-cana seminar,the seminar was an eye opener for both couples who is about to take the "BIG LEAP", i kept on smiling every time i remember this couples who is with us in this seminar, soon to be bride's wearing their symbolic diamond engagement rings,sitting right beside each other, holding hands,whispering sweet nothings, giggling to each other (ang cute... very young love sweet love hahahahah)

This PRE-CANA seminar thought couples on whats instore for both in the coming years of being together,scary hehehehhe!but its true, marrying the man/woman u love doesn't mean its always a BED of ROSES. A lot of things to consider specially now that your not living by yourself alone, it will always be a YOU & ME .Now we believe in the saying (ang pag aasawa ay di kaning pag napaso ay pwede iluwa)so powerful, it may sound easy but its not.Listening to the person who is married for 30yrs. (the ever lively facilitator ms. ofel)
We will never forget this reality thought we had during the seminar:

"Now were not only planning for ourselves but for the 2 of us, now we will no longer decide on our own,we need to ask each other if our decision will be beneficial for both,now we dont just take care of our self, we would need to take care of both needs,now we cant afford to be selfish because we need to share whatever we have to each other, now we can no longer enjoy the time of being alone because now we have each other to be with every minute & time of the day, now we can no longer just sit and watch the rain fall without thingking of duties & responsibilities,because whether we like it or not we will have our respective parts of responsibilities,now our nyt out's will be the last priority bcoz our nyt out's will solely be at home hihihihi"

tadaah! hndi nman kmi excited dvah, normally b4 the wedding ang pre-cana pro
since byahero ang papa Un's h2 Feb pa lang nagpa sked na agad kmi...

Very true.. "LOVE IS A MIXTURE OF HAPPINESS & SACRIFICE" ... now were both excited to endure the true meaning of "married life"...

feeling relax ang Bride

There is no room for PANIC-king anymore. im more relaxed now YEHEEEY! :) in terms of things to do hehehhe. ops isa na lang sguro ang pwede ko ika panic heheheh yun ay to lose weight.... yung lose na lose hahahahha.Were almost done with the church requirements, most of the requirements nman can easily be requested kse were done with the corrections already.Wer done with our Canonical Interview last saturday,come next saturday is our PRE-CANA seminar, were done with the payment na din with the church ( na mdyo na-shock kmi dhil nag iba na ang rates nila, good thing pla we booked earlier if not ksama n kmi sa price increase, i told u hanie its better 2 book early).

Marriage License is due to request on March.... (everythings smoothly done. thanks to Cathedrals staff na npaka tutok sa mga couples in terms of papers. and deadlines)....weve got souvenirs already yipeee, pro we wanted to add pa siguro,so that we can share it with those people who will not be able to make it on the wedding day, were strict with 150guests lang kse,(sna masunod ang RSVP).Videorapher & photo are ok (thanks ate shiela wink*wink*wink).Mag-Ina boutique in san andres, manila is in-charged for the gowns....draft for our invitation is in progress (cant decide on what design to choose eh, andami kseng mganda).florists ->still looking for 1. Hanie's suit?me nkita na kmi pero mas gsto nya ata ng customed made. Chocolate fondue is set!2 fondues for only PHP _ _ 00 only, best deal so far. Still planning for cocktails after the ceremony pro that would depend sa arrangements nmin ng caterer. Meeting set on weekend. Bridal car - saw price rates from the wedding library.... we might consider it kase affordable nman sya. as per the sound system i still need to ask justin kng anong requirements nla, what else???? emcee, aside to noreen i wanted to booked randy (if budget permits heheheh mahal na ata TF nya eh)(dhang lets work this out ha mare, gracias) avp's ->>sa opismate ata ni majo?. what else...siguro small details na lang atleast less work load na by june.....for the make-up artist still need to negotiate wid felicity, loaded din ang bakla sa bookings eh... ops need to contact eds for Uno's hotel booking somewhere in manila, afraid ang groom malate eh hahahhaha. I think marijho already booked 2nyts at "shang".... anyways mdali lang nman yun for her and Cathy kse they have accts there.(tama mga jinsan's?).... can think of so much at this time...

Feeling relaxed ang bride, bcoz things run smoothly so far.... sna wag na nmin maexperience yung wedding Jitters so zero glam hahahhahahaha....


bisi-bisihan ang Bride @ Groom

been very busy since Uno arrived, papers such as correction of names, pre sked of canonical interview, shop for souvenirs,confirmation @ san miguel church (set on 2.14.09), order boxes for the souvenir, NSO applications and etc....makes the 1st 2weeks of February zupeer HAGARD....Uno wanted to accomplished the completion of our wedding requirements while his still here.... (pero di pa din tpos). Most of the requirements need to be 6mos valid or else will end up requesting it again by March.

Correction of names in our Baptismal Cert. is the most time consuming, (hagard 2 hrs slip everyday, ewan ko kng pno ko nkayanan, hndi nman ako nag lose ng weight hahahahha). imagine pabalik-balik kmi ng church-chancery-church the whole time....we almost argue dhil sa sobrang pagod.... pro good thing after ng sobrang nakakapagod na maghapon we kiss and make up...

... pro honestly im beggining to panic, kse i only have 2day offs and that is not enough to cover all the things we need to do .. kya nga even if i have shift i would designate half or i mean 80% of my time processing all the things that we need to do..... Sarap lang by the end of the day u realized ure not tired anymore bcoz ure with your partner.. yun lang rewarding na eh.... plus top it wid u both spending quality time dining & talking and so so so...........

Been so blessed for having the most cooperative partner & the most pasensyoso na groom... infairness ang sipag nya mag asikaso ng papeles, yun lang minsan nkakalokah kse he wanted to finish everything in 1 day, sounds impossible but we did it....

Lots of things to do this coming weeks..........hopefully by weekend , noreen-marijho-cathy and i can visit casa blanca to check its floor plan & to designate na din whuz in-charge of this & that hahahhaha.............

ideas for my wedding

"Couple of ideas for our wedding. Jotting this down so I can look at this later before I completely forget"

* A tube gown wedding dress is a must. Corset or off-shoulder? (depends on how much weight i gain or lose hehehhe)

* For the reception, refreshments will be served while waiting for the couple, were thingking of a semi-cocktail party????

* Definitely a Night wedding, Must be crazy planning for this but photos are best taken in the evening (baliktad).

* Champagne Gold & Chocolate Brown for the motiff. Deep red is just too err sultry. Black is too depressing. Blue is sooo Shoemart.

* Guest count of 150 pax. or (200)? 50 from my side of the family. 50 from Uno's side of the family. 50 for good friends.

* Very flexible on the caterers but it would be nice to have Buffet instead of a sit down dinner . I would love to give a grand entrance on food alone similar to Chinese weddings. Still have yet to decide whether I should play Souljaboi or Low with some disco lights along with it. (pero prang circus, wag na lang hahahahah)

* Maybe Yes or No (na lang kaya) high heels please. Prefer Slip-ons with one inch high. * Wedding Rings should be very flattering (even if its not expensive). Things like this should last a lifetime.

* Felicity will be in-charge of my hair & make-up

* We need to find out about acquiring marriage license (need this accomplish by March (6mos valid is required). * Unique programs during reception. I do not want the usual program. (kaya Noreen prepare na as early as now heheheh)

* Look for the best bouquet ..... i want it in deep dark red roses or yellow gold calla lilies * Good music will play a special role in our WEDDING.

what else?????


The Cheesy Bride


Nothing to Blog about My Love for Cheese.... Just want lang to see pics of of the so Many Cheeses available in all parts of the world.... I'm sharing my personal Fave.....including some of the best cheese desserts & dishes....posted:

fresh mozarella - "D winner"

yep! bag suit for a kembutan

cheese steak

gsto ko ng ganito sa balur

for "sale"
-sana have nyan d2 yung sa sidewalk lng tlgah-

a sweet tooth no NO no :)
but would definitely exchange UNO for a CHEESECAKE
hahahhaha! (chareeng lang han....) hahahah!
blueberry,strawberry,camembert and tower cheesecake is my FAVE!
and the rest... any dessert made out of CHEESE is a winner!