busy as usual

Been so damn busy these past few weeks... WHY? because a lot of things is set to happen this December, if only i can stretch the hours and days i would,.. Ohhh my Ohh my.... Ke BARIBAR!

December is my favorite month, u woudnt wanna ask Y? because u know the answer hihihii... Its Christmas Season and I love it... the weather is so lovely, people are busy shopping... reunions are everywhere and the FUD.... oh yeah ...its overflowing.... hay!

Just a recap ..... IM TOO BUSY ... because;

1. We have an event this 18th of december,,,, its a wedding ... last client for this year....
2. Trash the Dress
3. Busy gathering paraparnalyaz at kembots for the Trash the Dress
4. Oscar's Acoustic Night Partee with my Friends
5. Sorority "Sabotage Party" with Pinkies
6. Glam Party @ Convergys
7. 2 Family Reunions
8. SHop for my inaanaks
9. Taking Care of my Hubby
10. GLAM life with my SOrority sisters
11. Making my own Hairpiece (the Hippie Bohemian Inspired-Vintage kembots ), designing my bejewelled sandalyas
12. Updating my 2 Blogsites.... and make MONEY out of it yipeeeeeeh
13. Visit Sagada or Baguio ?
14. gift giving in our Barangay
15. Update my status .... Until now di pa nauumpisahan award.
16. Busy thinking of the best Xmas gift for my Hubby
17. Location hunting for the trash the dress

Hay.. give me stamina and energy to do this..... :D


Trash that Dress Dahlin ......

should we or should we ? hahahhaha ...

oh Dear i love pictures... and here are some of the so many trash the dress concepts i so love....

Definitely YES Uno and I will be having our Trash the Dress Pictorial !!!  OH yes... will be having our shoot before the year ends HULING PASABOG for 2009...yipeeeeeehhh

I personally get inspired with this idea... I saw different concepts and themes online and it made me more interested to finally do it... Its been 2 mos past since our wedding and until now im still on a cloud nine, reminiscing each and every moment of our wedding... . It was indeed a dream wedding for me and my husband.

I'm so excited... really excited... ideas were overflowing....... I wont squeal much of the details yet .... i might ruined the whole plan...... bsta im so supeer excited..... the concept and all oh so LOVELY! :D



"One Proud Couple"

Happinesss.. Oh yeah... been oh so proud... who would imagined 2 of our wedding pics were chosen by Atty. Raymond Fortun, 1 of the best love photographer in the Philippines...

Atty. Fortun chose our Ring and my SHoe Pictures to be featured in his Calender for 2010......

Yeaaaabah! Astig...........

FOr those who want a copy, u can visit atty. Fortun's multiply account for more info's...

 Thanks Atty. for this wonderful GIFT..... we labeeeet! 


Unique and so Nice

nicely wrapped :D

Just want to share this unique and so nice gift from my Hubby's Bestman and my kumare Belen... They gifted us with this frame that has a photo mosaic of my so love preNUP pic.... they gave it late kse daw... (lots of reasons) hahahahah... it was after Ondoy that they handed me this gift. Belen was a bit off when she handed me this gift... parang gagah hahahahha .... she would always say mhie sensya na dyan ha a lot of times hahhahaha. They were telling me that its not expensive ... i said its not the price that counts but its the thought of giving.... They just dont know how Uno and I liked their gift.... IT is so COOL im telling u....

Here it is...

oh we luv it!

Where do we want to spend our Honeymoon?

Saan ang Honeymoon? parang radyo lang paulit-ulit hahahahah! To answer the truth and nothing but the truth? wla pa talagang plano.... Bkit wlang plano? eh kase wala pa nga hahahahah anytime naman pwede mag honeymoon davah? hahahahah tsaka depende sa budgey - common answer namin ni UNO hahahahha :D

But given the time and HUGE  budgey we want to visit the ff.places;

1st BATANES - Oh yes! The Home of the POWERFUL Winds and the SO SOW TYPHOONS, 100 kilometers south of Taiwan. Why Batanes? Its like ure in a rural place in Ireland...Yeah It is frequently lashed by typhoons and we find it interesting.. even before we got married we would plan on having a vacation in BASCO... The rural ambiance and the culture fascinates us both....what more makes us want to visit this place is its preserved culture.... For some it may not be an ideal place to spend  since its an island were material things and extravagance are not that practice... they would have simple everyday living. But we love the idea of staying in a place were serenity and simplicity of living is possible... My husband and i is now planning on visiting this place next year... hmnn if duchess and time permits will stay here for 3 weeks just to feel how people of basco enjoyed staying in an island were typhoons are usual and buildings and busy lights of manila are noway to find....

BATANES - I like :D


2. SAGADA - oh i love sagada... i feel inlove with the weather, the people, the scenic view, the fud the first time i visited this place which is wayback 9years ago... ive got a lot of stories to tell about this place... its far oh yeah but the beauty of this place always haunts me in my dreams.... Hubby and i planned to visit Sagada before the year ends... Oh im so excited... "backpakers" here we come.... hihihihi

sagada's finest view

3. Palawan -  Heavenly.... this place is rich in cool HOTSPOTS..
(pics to follow as well as why we want this to be part of our roller coaster HONEYMOON venue)

4. SIARGAO - Paradise for those who loves to surf.... My husband dreamed of becoming a surfer someday? but since he doesn't know how to swim .... lets just leave it as a dream hahahhahahah. Looking at those pictures that was taken in this place.... I'm sure to myself that will invade this place not today, tomorrow nor the other weeks but will sure be one of the surfers wannabe soon... even if ; I personally wouldn't sacrifice my skin basking under the sun just to say i did enjoyed the trip, bwahahahahhaha:D I know how to make fun and enjoy myself even  I'm not a water sports fanatic.... i can be under that BIG umbrella ella ellah reading gossips from the most reliable yes magazine or star studio (yes very pinay hahhahah)or simply write something about this  place on my so NICE black moleskine notebook using my pluma pen .... Or i can also took some good pics on the nicest spot's this place can offer... I wouldn't mind not getting those tan lines or wearing those swimsuits and pose like a pro in exchange of my health Dahling..... :D As long as im with the Man i love and i did enjoyed the trip.  There can no be better than spending it under that BIG BIG ellah ellah eh eh eh ... under my BIG umbrella and my vintage shadey....ooops forgot to include my so powerful Biggie shumaypay:D

5.MANOR HOTEL IN BAGUIO -  My husband and I already visited this beautiful hotel which is situated inside Camp John  Hay, way wayback with my  family. The experience was spectacular, the scenic view in our lanai was heavenly, pine trees are over flowing, the wind is so cold, u wont need an aircon at all. As far as i remember this is the first ever out of town we had together during our GF/BF stage hihihihi... Im pretty sure it was 2002 when we invaded Baguio, its actually a yearly tradition but since medyo expensibo na din mag Baguio,  mdyo ang dating yearly eh naging every other year hahahahha, and one thing more our schedules are very tambang....

6. Tagaytay's Boutique Hotel and  Sonya's Garden - ONE of my Favey... whenever we wanted some cool and relaxing place to hang out, and eat those very ma chole na Bulalo at ang nagrereynang Tawilis... Tagaytay is the place.... An hour drive from Makati (pag wlang traffic) but 2-2/2 hrs... nman when its traffic. This place never fails to amuse me... A lot of new Hotels are rising and one of those is  Boutique Hotel, classy, elegant ???? Boutique Hotel has it.... ooops forgot to tell... they serve the best BBQ dish i town.... While SOnya's Garden on the 2nd hand offers complete serenity and good vibes.... sorround ureself with those fresh greens and flowers wow.... they also serves the best bread in town...

Got 10 places more we wanted to visit  ..... stories later or as soon as i find time... im too busy taking care of my husband right now....


10 Years and Counting

11.09.2009 marked our 10th yr. together as sweethearts hihihi.. Even if we got married just before our  10th year anniversarry we did celebrate it with a "BIG BANG"!  Its something we want to treasure as we move into another phase in our life being together as husband and wife.

Lately weve been into sunset watching, its romantic and its really relaxing... it brings back all good memories. Were not into gimmick mood anymore like before that we enjoyed listening to loud music and some dancing... not this time... (ageing na nga ata kmi hahahah). Were more like of a sit back , relax, chill and enjoy every moment of just being together......or meet good friends, house party and chill till dawn.

Listening Manila Bay's  wave and looking at the whole picture of  sunset face to face, we cant help but reminisce those precious times when we were starting as a couple (wayback 10yrs. ago :D)...  A story of a boy-girl who got a crush, fall in love and eventually end  up  together.Today, i cant express how happy i am.I feel blessed and loved. (ayan paka seryoso muna akiz).I never dreamed and ever imagined that ill end up marrying the Man i am deeply inlove with. Love is truely amazing!!! GOD has truely blessed me with a partner that would love me the way he wants me to be loved.

We started  our Super Special Day by saying i love you to each other (wow), then we had a simple late lunch of Nilaga and Fried Pork that i personally cooked for my Esposo.Took some rest again then finally we started to prepare for our Romantic Date

Our first itinerary is sunset watching @ the Sunset Bar in Sofitel Hotel, we dont want to miss the sunset so we were literally rushing to be there before 5pm. We were both excited ... really excited.... :D we arrive sofitel just in time. The view was so perfect, it was so beautiful (one of the so many GOD's wonderful creations).... we took pictures and we enjoyed the moment as well us enjoyed my husband's  Melted Cheese Hamburger matching our Banana Shake with yogurt allthroughout our sunset watching. 

It was like "dejavu"... i dont know but i have this feeling weve been here before, doing the same thing together. It was magical indeed. We chill and enjoyed the moment, until we dont see any traces of lights coming from the sun anymore. We  actually enjoyed it so much we didnt realize we need to be at the harbour square for our next itinerary (yacht like escapade.. wohooo!).. We planned of  3 dates today.. 1. Sunset Watching at the Sunset Bar in Sofitel, 2nd. Cruise Manila and the last is have a supeer full dinner after. But since we lack enough time to cruise naks hahahaha, (ang true eh na mis na nmin ang last trip) because, traffic in Manila at that time is  tremendous, so we opt not to take the cruise instead do it the next day.... So we headback to MOA and have our Full Dinner at Yakimix.... its a Buffet  Yakiniku style resto that also caters main dishes...  Its like shabu2 in a way without the soup, pro the whole concept is like your in Tong Yang (one of our favey eat all u can shabu2 resto).  Hubby enjoyed Tempura, Crispy Pata, Sweet n' Sour Pork and grilled meats while I enjoyed my Maguro and Salmon Sashimi,shrimps, Fish and my MINI sukiyaki soup..... The food was superb... We enjoyed it so much...really MUCH.... burp!

After the sumptous and mouth filling dinner, we went home talking about our part 2 celebration of our 10th yr. tomorrow.... This time its gonna be Cruisin me Baby hihihi!