ideas for my wedding

"Couple of ideas for our wedding. Jotting this down so I can look at this later before I completely forget"

* A tube gown wedding dress is a must. Corset or off-shoulder? (depends on how much weight i gain or lose hehehhe)

* For the reception, refreshments will be served while waiting for the couple, were thingking of a semi-cocktail party????

* Definitely a Night wedding, Must be crazy planning for this but photos are best taken in the evening (baliktad).

* Champagne Gold & Chocolate Brown for the motiff. Deep red is just too err sultry. Black is too depressing. Blue is sooo Shoemart.

* Guest count of 150 pax. or (200)? 50 from my side of the family. 50 from Uno's side of the family. 50 for good friends.

* Very flexible on the caterers but it would be nice to have Buffet instead of a sit down dinner . I would love to give a grand entrance on food alone similar to Chinese weddings. Still have yet to decide whether I should play Souljaboi or Low with some disco lights along with it. (pero prang circus, wag na lang hahahahah)

* Maybe Yes or No (na lang kaya) high heels please. Prefer Slip-ons with one inch high. * Wedding Rings should be very flattering (even if its not expensive). Things like this should last a lifetime.

* Felicity will be in-charge of my hair & make-up

* We need to find out about acquiring marriage license (need this accomplish by March (6mos valid is required). * Unique programs during reception. I do not want the usual program. (kaya Noreen prepare na as early as now heheheh)

* Look for the best bouquet ..... i want it in deep dark red roses or yellow gold calla lilies * Good music will play a special role in our WEDDING.

what else?????

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