blessings keep on comin.....hehehheh

Swerte ba tlga kmi o swerte lang tlgah kmi? (happieee), andaming blessing's winner tlgah si LORD & Mama Mary! h2 na ata ang pinaka bonggang blessing ni Lord sa amin, Andaming regalo @ care off sa kasalang to winner tlgah. We have been so blessed for having this people whom God used as an Instrument for his grater Love for me & uno, we were overwhelmed we don't know how to thank GOD, & Mama Mary ,prang saying Thank u & we praised him is not enough.

I wanna share our story behind this wedding; 2000 Uno first proposed to me, we were set to get married on dec. 2001, but something happened and so we have to moved the wedding, we were so broke that time we were not able to pursue the wedding until years passed, a lot of trials happened & our marriage were put on shelf, until 2008 comes when we both felt this is the perfect time for us to take the BIG leap, but the question is we are emotionally ready but are we financially ready? it was a BIG question for both of us knowing that this year is crucial not only for us but for the whole world. I prayed and ask for Gods assistance, i went to Baclaran to pray for Mother of Perpetual Help's guidance. We started wedding preps September 2008, we are not financially armed honestly, what we earned with our personal jobs are the once we shared for the expenses needed for this wedding, and since Uno earned a lot higher he was actually the one who is the main source for our financial aspects.

Getting married is expensive, really expensive. I can attest to that hahahah!
Money matters? we turned it over to GOD... its true

" "Knock and u shall be opened Seek and u will Find" .

GOD makes his way by using this people as an instrument to make our wedding a Dream Come True!

Some people would say , wow sosyal nman ng wedding nyo, wow Bonggah ng wedding of the Year.... and so on and so forth... we would say GOD was the one who made this wedding Super Special its not us, we cannot afford to make this BIG without him.... and so all the praises and worship is for HIM & Mama Mary......

GOD gave us this people to make our Wedding Possible!

* Photo/Video Coverage - Gift ni ate Shiela (eldest nla papa un's)

* Wedding Cake - Gift ni kuya buboy,ate ivy & frances (jinsan's ng Bride)

* Tiarra at anik2 at me cash pa (hihihi) - Giblak ni ate jojie from dubai (benggah inimport pa tlgah ng jinsan ng Bride)

*`Invitations - Regalo nman ng magbowang Tres @ Dexter (ang lakas)

* 1nyt accommodation Shangri-la Makati @ Wedding Coordinators - Gifts from my causin's majong and cathy

* Whitey d Bridal Carumba - buong pusong pajijiram ni ate POT hihihihihi!

* Layout ng Invitations - Andami nila eh! isa-isahin ko;

- >Honey zupeer egroup friend ko sa w@w gawa nya yung menu @ gourdo's inspired na invitations free of CHARGE ......Gracias Honey

->Mark mga kontrabandos ng adobe photo at nagpapagawa din ako ng MONOGRAM sa knya bka mas malagyan nya ng justice yung letter U @ J hehheheh pang animator.

-> Lengski one of my w@w friend who made our STD for free again.... wink wink wink....

* Friends who will be there to assist for our registration; to jhe,belen & dex our deepest thank you's

* Pre-Nup Photography - additional gift from Cathy

* Ate Ojay & Kuya ATo's early cash GIFT....

sino pa ba bka me nkalimutan pa ako, for those who wants to share their blessings open pa hanggang sept 7, 2009 hahahahahahah!

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