the notebook

Lately i found myself fallin inlove with notebooks, it started when i bought this mini notebook as one of my gadgets for my wedding preps,,,, (mkakalimutin kse ako)if i have something in mind i need to write it or else i tend to forget it.

I notice myself getting hook when all i want to check every time i go out is nothing but NOTEBOOK as in BIG spacious NOTEBOOK, (teka mga friends hndi ko to wishlist sa wedding ha? bka nman tumambling ako at me magregalo ng notebook skin at ang cover eh si manilyn reynes hahahahahahha) that can accommodate all my writings about our WEDDING tidbits & so so so ... i want a lot of room and space to write on ,re-write & trash some pages since i kept on revising what i have written over & over again hahahahah. What's funny is if i bought a notebook, i transfer all the content from my previous notebook to this new one, sounds weird but yes im crazy doing it hahahahah! and also im very oC when it comes to my handwriting i want it uniformed and neat, so if i have written a letter with diff. stroke i revised it and write all its content in spite of how long or short the words it maybe... hahahha! imagine me writing the wedding computations, ideas and all over & over again hahahhaha! I just love my notey i enjoyed reading its content.

I found one best buys at national bookstore, its a black & red notebook (very Chinese inspired) i always bring it with me even in the office..... and during my lunch break u would see me taking my coffee dose at tea leaf & busy browsing or writing something with my ever dependable notey..... My notebook is actually running out of page so i might buy the notebook im eyeing for a week now.... im still thinking which one to buy bcoz i saw another notey, beautiful wonderful pro it costs a thousand,prang teka not now UNO and i got a lot of gastusin kya dedma muna sa mamahalin...

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