Our Entourage Gowns

I want this gown details secret sana muna for now, kya lang i can't keep secrets tlgah even on my own wedding hahahahahh! Inspired by our theme motif here's our Entourage Gowns...


this gown was my Maid of Honor's choice..... asa Canada pa ang mareng ko pro this is exactly what she want's.. Bonggah! (ang lakas ng sofa ha).... chareeeng,
pro what i like about this gown is yung V neck Lace cut design,
Very Greek goddess ang dating....


i choose 3 kinds of gown design for my Bridesmaid pro heto ang pinaka bet ko,
bet na bet tlgah ng Bride ang Greek goddesses inspired gowns....
the color will be semi chocolate brown ... at ang tela, naku hndi ko maalala yung
sinabi ni tita GLO (the owner MAG-INA Boutique)..
bsta gnyang gnyan ang gsto kong design for them.
Bet na bet ko yung pa sway sway ng tela while walking,
prang asa runway lang ang mga abays.... luveeet...


luveleeeeeh! this my very first gown inspiration and d2 ko nabuo yung color motif,
i like the simplicity and elegance this gown projects. I fell in love with the color and design of this gown....zupeer winner ang cut ng TUBE hihihihi! ...
Uno even said "ang gandah nman nito han ang simple pro sosyal tignan
(Hmnn coming from the groom's opinion yan ha...
so that means panalopi tlgah ang design.)

front view.... very nice... i know my 2 pamangkins & my inaanak
will look so prinsesa ala AWESOME with this gown.
so love the color and the design, sna lang wlang mag tantrums ng bonggah sa marcha at
syang ang eksena ng gown na toh pag nagkataon.....
kya pra sa mga kumare ko na parents ng mga flower-pop-gurls be sure na
kumpleto sa orlok ang mgabagets at busog bgo rumampa
pra panalopi ang eksena.

back view... bonggah ng v-shape.... and the ribbon...... hndi sya exaggerated
hndi mukhang pang sagala lang...... luveeeet!

I know most of the entourage members nowadays eh sagot ang knilang gowns and that means they have the liberty to choose what design they want, pro i break the rule hehhehehe! (me mas makapangyarihan pa ba sa Dashing Bride hhahahahha) some of my friends disagree pro banatan ko ba nman na "minsan lang ako ikakasal hndi mo pa ba pagbibigyan yung gsto kong design at mananahi" hahahahhaha! so ang ending akei ang nagwagi. Gsto ko kse uniform ang design pra winner sa picture.,Kaya nman will have one mananahi pra epek ang pagkakagawa.....

Well mahal tlgah akei ng mga Friends ko (or wla lang tlgah silang choice hahahahhaha), even Uno's Friends kse most of the Men's Suit is knya knya din sila..So ang bottom line we don't have to worry and include all of this sa aming Makasaysayang WEDDING BUDGET ! (WINNER)....! hehheheh , pro for both our mom's and Uno's sister definitely kmi ang sagot.hihihihihi!

Oooops Tommorrow is our last & final sukatan partee for the Entourage...., ill be joining them of kers and Cathy will be there also to assist...exciting.....

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Your BLOG is soo funny mareng, i love it! You have a talent actually.. hehe

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luvyahhh marss...