Surprising The GROOM on his B-Day!!!


June 16, 1978....the handsomest man in my life was born! In his 31st year of existence his birthday this year will be the most memorable one.... Y? Because come 3 mos., he'll be facing a new chapter in his life....(ayan han malapit ka na mag -sisi hahahahah).

1999 were "officially sweethearts"....2001 he proposed & we got engaged, after 8yrs now were entering a new phase in our life, (kinilabutan ata akoh bigla hahahahah!) I want his last months of single hood will be the most memorable one. (kailngan paulit ulit teh?) hahahhaha! I made sure everything he wishes and dreamed come's to reality before our BIG Leap and to name few of the many wishes was playing his favorite instrument with his former bandmates (which is actually our barkada's until now)

When we became couple in 1999 he was not able to practice his love for playing drums ,he then look for a job that would prepare him to maturity. I remember him always telling me "sna maka jam ko ang grupo khit ilang oras lang" . We planned with the group but to no avail the plan was always purnada... or nka hang lang!

First week of JUNE, friends from dubai post our oldskul pics @ FB (ay nkakalokah nman tlgah mga ichura nmin as in PUNKS LOOK DEAD hahahah). Busy with wedding preps and ol, i was too busy also thingking what would be the best gift i can give UNO on his birthday... i want it more special , remarkable & perfect this time...... I want him to enjoy and celebrate his Birthday with a Blast!

Good enough this old post give me an idea of renting a studio and invite our closest friends to jam & bring back those gud times (when were bagets pa & busy with bands)..... I am very keen with this idea and so i planned and think of the best drama to make my Hanie believe that i have no plans of throwing a surprise partee for him... after all i made sure that all his birthdays will be a surprise one...

a simple drumstick to make my soulmate so happeee!

Ok... theme is ready ... MY GOAL is to surprise the GROOM ng Bonggang Bonggah and to let him feel that he is LOVED and that he is so Special.

So since halos 90% of my surprises for my hubby was not succesful, ill make sure this time will be malinis ang pagkaka plano. So i disturbed our friends (as in literal na nang istorbo akey hahahahah)... send multiple txt ksama na yung threat and so so so hahahahah! Gud thing my mga kumare's and kumpare's were so helpful at supportive...u know who u are ! kya i love our friends eh they're always there when i badly need them....lalo na sa mga asalto.... laging game at mdaling kausap. Cheers mga amiga at amigo..

I came up with a Plan.... 1week ko din tong pinag isipan ha.....

Plan A. set the surprised date not on his actual Birthday - so i made it advance... June 13,2009 ... 8pm @ PRO777, in malate manila.

very nice... even the owner & crews were so NICE!

Plan B. be sure to tell my friends not to squeal - that's exactly what i did... buti na lang tikom mga bibig ng mga accessories sa crime.

my lovely amiga's

Plan C. never never talk too much or i may tend to spoil the surprise- yeah gnwa ko pero muntik din majulie andrews hahahahah.

Plan. D. plan with a smile - yeah gnwa ko din pro most of the time npapa ismid akey kse nman ang hrap isipag kontakin ng mga amiga at amigoh.

Plan E. make sure everythings prepared prior to the actual scene - oh well let me pass the hat to belen-em-kapre....... they made sure everythings kumpleto before we arrived! gracias for the undying effort mga kafatid!

Plan F. make the best alibi to make it mor makatotohanan - well I DID! Sabi nga ng Uno ko, no clue at all.... hahahahaha!

Plan G. Make the most out of it..... at i-savor ang moment ksama ang pinkaka bida sa puso ko....

Hayan the partee was all SET...... i asked my gud friends EM-BELEN & JASPER to take care of ordering the pizza & soda's, purchase the drumstick and follow-up friends who is coming .

WOLLAH! gnito ang eksena.

The Partee is set at 8pm at PRO777 in Malate Manila.....everybody was all there waiting for us, i told the GROOM han me dadaanan tyo sa malate papers ni kuya buboy - my causin who lives in Australia, (alam kse ng Birthday Boy eh papunta kmi sa hwas nila jhe & robot ..... so he said tom na lang yung kukunin sa malate ... eh i insisted na sandali lang yun pra tapos na... so wagi at napa oo.... wyl on our way nagtataka ako hndi sya matanong kng sino ktxt ko.... normally kse matanong ang Groom lalo na pag wla akong tigil sa kkatxt sa ketay! ahahahahah or worst titignan nya pa kng sino tlgah katxt ko....

goofing around with my hanie

Pag dating nmin sa studio sadya ko nilakasan ang boses ko to make sure aware ang friends na anditey na kmi hahahahah buti na lang di lumabas ng CR si em if not wrong ang eksena hahahhaah! nice move mare.......... h2 na yung owner ng studio na kinunchaba ko hehehehehe eh nka smile pag enter the dragon nmin..... so i said andyan napo? she nod and then uno followed me, pag bukas ng pinto ayun shock na shock ang Groom seeing our friends holding their instrument and ready to jam... sya na lang ang kulang... with too much excitement napatalon sa drumset si Groom pag upo the drumstick wid d' so so glittering ribbon eh nkapatong sa set.... he looked at me and said thank u han ngayon mo lang ako nasurprise ng ganito - after 10yrs of attempting hahahahahahah (yes me ksama pa tlgang comment)! well sa sobrang saya nya eh hndi na halos matikom ang bibig kaka ikmyl hahahah kya alaskado sya smin.... Hinayaan ko lang sya to do his thing and he kips on uttering words na wlang sounds na kmi lang nagkakaintindihan hanggang sa lumapit ako to ask if he needs something kse ayaw na tumayo eh hahahah....

Hay nkakatuwa looking the Man that i so love smiling and enjoying his moment....

To share the fun.... here are some of the Many Pictures taken during the Partee...

and i love him so...

watching our friends enjoying the moment

and we share the pizza @ the pantry

stolen shoot from empot

chuwariwap gurls

asking my so busy drummer boy if he needs something!

nice shoot


with em-belen
my kumare's who does all my bilin ..... wagi mga amigah!
malinis ang pagkakagawa... cheers!

more photo shoot for the 1st ladies

happee GROOM & BRIDE

The party was so successful and we even managed to continue the fun & drinking till dawn at Jaymie's and Alex's house. When Uno & I got home he would always whisper t-> Han thank u for making my birthday extremely special, i love u and i love u and more i love u's.....

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Mhel said...

anlakas ng studio dba mareng, alam mo yan. hesitant ka pa nung una.. Everything ended up well. Successful. Cheers....