My day wouldn't be complete w/out looking at new ideas for our Wedding...Most of my so loved wedding websites features different ideas, funny, cool & amazing pics....

INET-browsing is one of the most time consuming tasks.... time killing tlgah for some? well i don't kill time, its the time that kills me..brouhaha.-time is too fast, days are getting nearer and nearer...

Some friends say's im just an internet addict... OH YES! (with conviction) bahahahahahwahahha , but let me tell y'all that this addiction did a remarkable job in making our wedding more Intriguing and INTERESTING ....... Finding & learning ideas for our much awaited day is something special... What's also good about this time killing browsing is I get to see a lot of different emotions during the wedding and some of my fave emotions are the HAPPIE & FUNNY ones!

what did i catch? well , getting ideas free is a WINNER i guess !!!

This photos are a WINNER
IT really made my day.... Enjoy!

its a date dahlin!

Hala.... o.a nman maka JUMP hahaha!

nakuha pang mag mountain climbing habang waiting
ang guests sa reception

cutey.... prang taguan lang...
bung jhonnie-bung uno

Check the BOX for correct answers?
ang lakas nman ng tattoo

yes me something itchy ata sa legs ng BRIDE

this heels are made for RAMPA!

buti na lang wang trapik sa NLEX
slex o nlex?

cool :D polka dot top for a wedding dress and
plain white hanes with vest for the grooms version

Hetong true na RUNAWAY BRIDE
bwhaahahah! na eerna na si ateng!

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