Filled My LOA request last friday July 31, 2009 - Friday Shift (Aug 1, 2009-manila time) got the approval 4am on that same day! Winner! Me mas papanalo pa ba sa 2mos na bakasyon? hahahahaha!

Oh well, this only means that i have all the time in this world to start my DIY's project for our wedding (hopefully maging focused ako sa isang bagay) .... my DIY's are lined up ... my for printings are soon to finish and some of the so and not so major kembots for our wedding is close to finish ... HAILABEEET!

Because of the so winner na vacation (mixed with pay and w/out pay + 3days suspension)cheers! Im planning to blog all about the things that made me so busy during the days that im officially out of the busy world of GMC. To start it up my 1st VL was on July 31, 2009 prior to my request letter of absence i have filled already this day for vl........

Well let me start MY 2mos. of BLOGGING-in accordance to my so called bakasyon grande!

Friday - A DAY FULL of food - crafts & hagardnation..

Right after shift, together with my opismates we went to Ongpin for a brunch ...they were too eager to go there and taste the authentic chinese retso na binibida ko... well PUPUNGAS pungas pa kmi .... at with the long & winding TRAPIK along makati to manila... we reached Ongpin at exactly 9:35am... just in time... while walking along the streets of ONGPIN, we stop and bought some egg bee teen hopia na faborito ng bayan.... (winner ang mix ube & cheese-fave ko na tlgah toh!).

We dine, laugh & took some pics..-of kers pwede bng wang pics hahahhah!so there after the dimsum and powerful brunch... we decided na magkanya knya na ng aura... i decided not to go home muna since very near ng Divi eh rampa na akiz... First stop 168... yeah bka makaharbat akiz ng bonggang baggey and blouchina for the upcoming auras... hahahah! nagtagumpay nman akiz.. bought 1 white tunic... 2shirts for my chalekoh and aney pa ba? yun lang atah naharbey ko sa 168... BAGS? wlang powerful most of baggeys are uso pa ata last year... saw immitations of channel pro hndi powerful ang pag clone eh and besides mdyo tpos na ako sa craze na yun hahhaha kse i get to used my lola's vintage channel... PAK! anyways..... What im planning tlgah to do is to visit divi to buy materials for my wedding diy's.... so there visit my favey craft store MG and bought the ribbons, blinkies and buttons for my invites box.... i was looking for white soft feathers for my fan to be used on my wedding, pro nagka ubusan daw ng manokchi at wang nagetlak na balahibo hahahhahaha.... chareeeng! Kidding aside, most of the vendors said pinakyaw daw ng japanerang becky ang feathers ggwa atang pakapak ang bektas hahahhah!

Getting sleepy and tired bcoz of sobrang "HAGARD" (sobra nmang jinitar kse sa maynila) i decided to go home.. around 2pm i guess... (wow-talent!) reached the palasyo at around 3:30pm.... i was feeling so excited i started to open those crafts and imagined what design i can make out of it... while doing this im also online & checking may hacienda in FB hahahhaha. (multi-tasking lang teh). Its like im getting myself busy at the same time im beating the stress away... (mind u FARMTOWN - is one of my stress busters nowadays.... seriously i find myself relaxed when im playing with it....)-kelngan me special participation pa eh noh! hahahhahahaha!

Saturday - Dayoff

yipeeehhhhh atlast it's my much awaited day of the week... sat & sun are my favey and what i look forward every week.... not because its my off but bcoz i get to do a lot of things for my wedding. Now I started to cut, twist and glued the ribbons... with my lapey present all the time (gracias sa smartBRO) i get to multi tasked again.... while cutting the ribbons i from time to time checked the lapey ... i update my sites and play a little to stress free myself from thingking a lot of things.

Hana- Little Tokyo
Pasong Tamo, Makati City

Late afternoon, i need some breather... so Em & i when to little tokyo - keber sa bagyo.... and we suffice our japaNICE cravings...... since we love to cook... we love to eat and we love to BLOG hahahahhaha we took each visits documented at kompleto sa kontrabandos... NO wonder palakihan ng baggey ang drama, PAK! so yun then since i promised ate shiela and my hanie's siblings that ill pay a visit sat nyt eh natuloy din ang semi bonding moments with ate,tres,batel and dex... Nakatulugan ko na nga ang pakikipag berahan sa knila eh hahhahah! pro epek we had pizza party that nyt at infairness naappreciate ko ang malakas na hawain ng pizza hut... talapi nmang TRUELAZ.....

sunday - its a DIY day again

Aheeeem, now im getting serious with my DIY's (daw) hahahah kse i tend not to focused with one thing if i see a lot... so tendency at the middle of doing something eh i stop... resume only when im not focused with something else... award dvah! pro i spend a day doing my invites box... i forgot hndi ko pa pla pwde isealed bcoz, the inserts are not yet printed even the seat assignments are not final... buzar... so from invites i switched to my map making contest chareeeeng! oh yeah im making our wedding maps... (karir)HAHAHAH! honestly im not into crafts but when i started to do one i tend to overdo it and spend unwisely for those materials na hndi nman kailngan. That's how impulsive i am.Sunday, i was planning to go to church but decided to go to church wednesday na lang so that i can pray my novena pati ke Mother of Perpetual Help....so yun im busy doing stuffs for our wedding pa din... i have lots to do pa... if only i can inumerate hahahahha! (derma na, so u guys wont have a clue or something).

monday - last day @ work

my official last day at work b4 my LOA takes effect. I was awake the whole day busy farming hahahah.. while farming i did some ribbons for my DIY's ... i got burns and kembots kse i forgot na bukas pla ang so pipping HOT na GLUEGUN-award! good thing hndi chaka pag napaso ng gluegun at nwala din nman ang eksena after awhile. I browse some photo sites , checking if they have new wedding photo shoots.... from their kse ako nagetsung ng bonggang IDEAS....

wow bilis ng oras...before i knew it kailngan ko ng magprepare for work and i need to dress well bcoz its monday. hahhaha DRESS UP SI INDAY mga TEH ahahahah! Again my last day for this month since ill be back on Oct. 1 na....I feel excited bcoz ill be able to finished all the things needed for the wedding but at the same time feel sad coz ill be missing my work... (naks) - kse kng wang work wang budgey hahahaha! and ill miss hangging out with my GUD friend pesky... ang baklang wlang habas hahahahha! cheers mare! for all those peps who dont know this beklat hahahaha, she is my 1 and only confidant in the office...some find it wierd kse bakla daw hahahahha (bakla lang mga teh hndi nman kriminal) chareeeng! We jive a lot and his the first one to know about our wedding... Infairnessss mapagkakatiwalaan ang baklash hahahah... Gracias amigah! alam kong pigil na pigil ang labi mong wlang sing tabil hahahahah, pro u did a wonderful job... thanks for keeping my secret - SECRET tlgah. ure a winner amigah!

Tue - a day of Maps...

Finally h2 na test print ko ng pinagmamalaki kong DIY wedding maps... i used map quest pra ma capture ng so bonggah ang mapa... Ayko nman me maligaw dabah hahahahah! though very common ang church and venue which is in intramuros lang nman i still wanted to print some maps just to make sure nobody will get lost, award nman yung darating eh pag pajuwela ng lahat.... hahahahhaha.... and ayko nman kwento na lang ang maioffer ko kse pack up ng lahat hahahahah.

Im planning also to complete the guestlist... i cant wait UNO any longer kse we wont have time na to dessiminate the invites pag gnun... my hubby is scheduled to come home this 8-19-2009 - dessimination of invites is time consuming... ayko nman mahaggard ng wlang sing bonggah kaka bahay2 for the invites... zero glamang mga teh.

wed - web updates - "THE SECRET IS FINALLY UNLOCKED"

Been raining since weekend. Im planning to visit shang to look for the matches that will use on our wedding, novena in baclaran at the same time bought RJ's suit are one of the things that supposed to be done today, unlucklily i wasnt able to do it, aside sa chami (chaka o panget) pa namang rumampa ng maputik eh mukhang mahirap sumakay.... bka abutin lang akiz ng 48days sa kalye.

So i stayed home for the rest of the afternoon and update whatever websites we are signed in. It is also Cory Aquino's burial... H2 na ata ang pinaka saddest na libing na napanood ko, i wanted to be part atleast kahit man lang supeer watch lang sa ROXAS pero walang habas ang ulan at hindi ko tlga kerry umaura ng todo. Kaya nagkasya na lang ako pasulyap sulayap sa tv and mor crying ang drama... amazing di nman ako maka aquino's khit na aquino's ako hahhahaaha! pro iba ang eksena ni Ta Cory... iba ang impact sa tao....

And FINALLY this is the exact day where i opened the BIG Secret to the PUBLIC.... our wedsites, blogsites & etc are now open for everybody....Weve been keeping the Wedding Peps A Secret since last year because ayaw namin pag usapan ng bonggah, i mean hndi nman kmi artistahin pero thats the way we want it, family members and closest friends lang muna not until everythings done. This has been kept for 12mos now... (laos si juday at ryan) hahahah! Mahirap kse magtago ng happiness .... I wanted to tell the world na "People of the WORDL.... WERE GETTING MARRIED" pro i cant kase i dont want to pre-empt the plans we had prior to our actual preps, though i know that expected nman na ng mga tao na were heading to pagpapasakal hahahahha! kse dekada na kaming magkasama, pro iba pa din pla when u keep it a secret kse exciting at me mystery.... minsan we get to laugh about it lalo na pag minsan medyo nadudulas akiz, kse nman eh yan ang kahinaan ko, sa daldal ko ba nmang to eh.... pro nakakatuwa nman pag nalulusutan ang eksena.. Waging wagi ang mga dahilan ko, bumenta ng todo sa takilya PAK! One reason also is i have lots of friends in & out of the business (wow artistahin) and im afraid i cant accommodate their questions, apart from this ay we cant accommodate all of my friends, i just dont know how to handle it, hirap kse akong huminde....

This is also the day when i made our PRE-NUP teaser sa ANIMOTO..... i so love it (yes love ure own tlgah) hahahahahah!well infairness weve got 140 viewers na and i got lots of compliments already ..... khit sa txt more ang compliments.....naks! yan ang epekto ng adik sa browsing... u get to see a lot of websites that can make ure wedding truely unique.... oh i love it!


aga ko nagising.... AGa ko din nman kse na orlok! well start to calculate again... araw2 mor calculate ang drama ko.... then update the seating assignments na hanggang ngayon eh ang sakit sa ulo... afterlunch prepare na akiz for HUEY's christening ang NEWEST addition sa Codilla's na poging pogi ..... (gusto ko magka HUEY din) after the reception rampa na ng waltermart to pay some bills then pinadevelop ang pics nung binyag....I stayed at starbucks and started to update the seating assignments.... oh my gulay minigrain nman ako ng bonggah.... EM arrived then very lyt na berahan and shombling nman kila ate shiels (uno's eldest ate) dex and tres were there ... actually we wanted to have some booze pro katamaran ng bumili benggah kse ng palabas... si tita cory .... me mga hang over pa lahat ng tao sa pagkamatay ng reyna ng demokrasya PAK! Cheers! 2:30 am nagka ayaan nmang tumambling ke BELEN .... birthday ng amigah... so super buyla ng cake sa ministop at breakfast na malakas na tapsi ..... and stayed there until 9am? yes wlang tulugan... wang dalaw ng orlok award ang kape ng nyorboks ... hyper as ever ang bubbly BRIDE....


The whole day wla pa akong orlok from yesterdays eksena, nag FARMING AKO THE WHOLE MAGHAPON, hndi man lang ako dalawin ng antok, hndi nman ako mka concentrate sa dpat gwin since wa ngang borlog so ang ending super farming ang drama ko hahahahah infairness nag level up ang Dashing Bubbly Bride.... h2 yung 39hrs na akong gcing hahahha, na beat ko ng bonggah ang eksena ko before... na talaga namang bumigay ang katawan ko awrad.... Ayoko umorder ng KOPi FRAP punyemaz para akong sabog sa caffeine hahhahahahah!


Khit na late ako naorlok at 39hrs. akong gcing yesterday ... so early pa din ako nagising,.... imbey talagah.... BINYAG ng jammer pro di na ako nka attend since me gown fitting pa ng 1:30 so yun super prepare ng anik anik at supeer bond with mj & mm (my two butiful pamangkins).. ..2:30pm to be exact ng dumating kmi sa shop.... all the entourage were there already and i was so happy all of them were happy with the design i choose and ung actual na tela... they were all smilling and sobrang excited hahahahha! buti nman nagustuhan nila lahat if not award sila sa BRIDE hahahahah... all of them nman were close to me so effect lang na mag awardan kami ng bonggah!.I love the chocolate brown ng mga little gurls ko... they look so butiful nman tlgah lalo na ang MJ na sobrang mabortash sa gown sleeveless hahahaha... actually di pa tapos yung gown nla sukat sukat lang to make sure maayos ang finishing.... Mommy's gown is a winner din, (well pwede ba namang padaig ang ina ng BRIDE hahahahahah) i told her na mestiza gown ang bet ko sa knila ni Mama Judith, well hayun at supeer hanap ng design ng gown nya ang mudak..... Mama & Mommy will be wearing the same mestiza dress iba lang ang design, mommy two piece while ke mama nman eh 1 piece kse mas sexy si mama ke mommy hahahahahah!

we stayed there until 5, were waiting kse for Batel, Duday & Mama nalate sila bcoz, gling ng job fair ang mga dalaga.... after that bagirl and i went to MOA at super treat ang kumare ko.... more kopi at very lyt na berahan ....after ng malakas na fireworks tambling na kmi ng mall pra maghanap ng shoes at accessories nya.... supeer window shop lang muna ..... Hanggang i saw this scrapbook na can be transformed as a guestbook sa wedding... so i bought it ganda ng design ... well its black with push pins na gold so pasok pa din... Very regal hahahahahah.... bought also additional glue stick ng matapos ng malakas kong invites as well as the other abubots...

around 9pm haws na ako.Was suprised when i opened my room andun ng malakas na package from ate lisa-my filam friend based in California, Opened the box with excitement.... MY GOD npaka bonggah ng mga goodies, I even tasted the mints winner nmang tunay! I took pictures and upload it right away, Panalopi!

Pagod na ata ako so nag farm lang saglit then slip na ... i cant afford to stay up long, nasanay na ako ng normal na orlok.... winner nman kya lang wrongsteru nman items pag balik ko ng Oct. sa opis.....

sun - carolinas day, relax mode

I woke up at around 5am .... yes, gcing maondaz hahahahah! yeah feeling ko im ageing na tlgah..... well gnun tlgah, i have no choice but to laugh about it (akla nyo accept no? hahahahaha). As usual more updates , then 9 am tambling na akembang nsa latest tambayan ko ... Taran-> Carolinas hahahahhahaha! pra sa mlalakas na headpiece ng mga abay kei... i want them to wear similar piece according to their tasks.... like for flower gurls i bought the same hairpiece the little gurl is wearing on the actual modelled gown... supeer nice.... opposite street me malakas na ukay ukay store... tinamblingan ko din sya at supeer check ng mga mlalakas na KOREAN inspired outfits hahahahha! well i bought 1 mdyo glamROCK ang dating pero i love it, just right for my chalakey..... Went home then continue doing what i left....

Around 4pm tambling nman ng Baclaran to buy RJ's suit ayun supeer hanap kmi and luckily we bought one for him me konting alterations since alanganin ang size ng shumangkin..... then bought some bangkok santol and feast with it nung gabi with Marijho.... My wedding planner ala jinsan stayed until 1am, tinapos nming lagyan ng kembot yung souvenirs ..... ang tyaga ng jinsan ko impernesss hahahah winner!Then very light na berahan ayun winner... we were both mesmerize sa goodies pa rin na pindla ni ate lisa..... we are also working with this box na inaassemble kso lang tlgang di nmin alam kng pano gwin ahhahaha , klngan ang presensya ni cathy.....hahhahaha!

Ooops i recieved an email and offline message from my poging Groom, he greeted me.... as i mentioned during my previos blogs eh we still celebrate monthsarries lahat ng me sarries dai sinecelebrate tlgah nmin.,... (yun ata ang isa sa mga sekreto why we last this long). cheezzzy or baduuuy to others but W E LOVE IT! keber kung macheezzy at baduy ..... bsta we love it! cheers to that BRIDEZILLA! pakak! hahahhahahah!

sha i need to sleep......ng malagay ko ng malakas na night cream.


Rj my pamangkin who loves cooking were tasked to cook for meryenda and dinner, he has no class at school and since he loves cooking he obliged... (di pwede umayaw sa tita.) I txted Batel (my sis inlaw) wheng (my college bessy) to come to the house to help me do the souvenirs.... after lunch they arrived.... First i asked Batel to go with me sa BPI so that i can deposit the 70% payment for the caterer... ang init sobra.... I planned sna na pumunta ng divisoria but sa sobrang jinitar we enjoyed na lang the aircrush and do our souvenirs na natawa ako sa 2 ata ayaw ng ipamigay ang souvenirs hahahahahah.... nanghihinayang at super gaganda daw.... at namili na sila hahahah kng ano ang kanila. well too butiful at imported ang mga goodies kya mdyo nkakahinayang tlgah.... the packaging is so butiful hay... if only i can post everything here ..... the usual i want it to remain a mystery sa mga guests .... pra they would be amaze sa eksena.... Ayun more chismisan habang more sa crafts keme ang eksena.... while rj is busy nman cooking banana crepe for meryenda... (winner nmanag tunay ang Banana crepe) ull be surprised sa presentation and lasa so powerful..... then prior sa crepe nag maki muna kmi... after sa bank dumaan kmi ni batel sa wlang sing lakas na foodcourt ng cartimar at super buylamore ng maki.... ang lakas... appetizer muna nmin hahahahaha, more pigout andyan masuka na kami kse tag 2 set ng crepe ang natira nmin hahahahahahahaha! (cheers rj) for dinner rj prepared longsilog with conviction.... nalokah si batel at me presentation hahahahah.... ang lakas ng sinanggang nag rj.... tlgang mpapa 2nd serving ka sa talap... at h2 ang nkakalokah gumwa pa ng FRAPP with jellies pa ha ang RJ..... pasok... ayun sirang sira ang DIET.....

after eating prang i dont feel well dko alam kng nasobrahan ba akembang sa lafuk or sadyang dinadalaw ako ng mga my_GRAINS (hahahahahahha) kya nman ayun after kong ihatid si batel eh coma na agad.....


Im scheduled to finalized the gown today... i woke up 3am... and started to browse and decide which gown i like... Oh MY OKRA... h2 na ata ang pinaka mahirap desisyunan.... im looking at 3 pictures and dont know which is which.... prang pwede pa bang another week for finalization? all are set except for my GOWN... amazing dvah... of all the BRIDES ako lang ata ang d pa nkakapagdecide sa gown na bet a month b4 the wedding.... ewan ko ba... andami kong bet.. pro sna later after my meeting with the couturier ive made up my mind na..... ayko ng mag isip at gumising twing 3am just to think and decide... haggard ang eyebags ko so zero glamour .

Tagumpay ang fitting me mga konting changes pero im soooo excited yun lang! I Invited Wheng (ang soon to be REYNA ng GIGIERA) hahahahah! ayan me bansag ka na gigi ka kase bhwahahahahahaha. And Batel pra sa very light na pag assemble ng boxes from US.... They help me finished some of my DIYS na din kse hrap gumawa mag isa bka ikabaliw kei hahahhahahaha. Rj also cooked banana crepe na bonggahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah npka tag 2 servings kya kaming 3 bhahahahahahwabaaba meryenda yan ha.. hahahaha then for dinner rj prepared longsilog... panalo inferview at nag kopi frapp pa ha wid jello.... winner.. pano nman papayat ang bride nya dvah... award.... me wrong lang minigrain akis ng bonggah... i guess gawa ng mavetsin na lafuk na nilaps.... we finished the boxes and filled it with personalized minties from california ... (ang lakas!).... around 9pm hnatid ko na ang 2 kong entourage divas.... then ayun zupeer orlok

wed-House arrest ang BRIDE

I stayed home for the rest of 24hrs browsing and fixing our souvenirs na paunti unti kong gngawa.... hahahhahaha! pro dpata ata invites ang inaasikaso ko dvah? bhawahahhahahahah! derma pero prang me pressure na akong nraramdaman .... yung super bonggang pressure na naikot cha-nena kei (tummy) sa twing natitingin ako sa kalendaryo ay award.... well h2 lang ata ma share ko for this day kse more ako sa babad sa lapey-chi.....

thu - Official VL today

since ill be on loa for 2mos... dpat daw ubusin ang remaining vls. so all in all i have 8vl's available kya nman paid ang araw na items.... well been busy pa din doing crafts... i want all the things for my wedding are personalized.... very DIY tlgang eksena.... im enjoying it and im savoring every single moment na zupeer browse ako ng idea, shop for the materials and actually doing it.... good thing i have good friends, sis in law who is so maasahan pagdating sa gupitan party at ribbon making contest.. PAK!


Oh well its mah birthday, My partner emailed me ang greeted me nman... at dpat lang chareeeeng! habang witchells pa akiz tapos sa pagbabasa ng email ng bowa h2 na sya online.... naks alerto nman si Mr. C..... (short for Codilla) kilig at very happy nman daw atashi khit na zupeer ilang years na akong nagcecelebrate ng bday na hndi kmi magkasama... Han asked me ano gsto ko gift sabi ko wag na at gastos lang yun,to think were heading sa npakalaking butasan ng bulsa, walley, passbook, atm at anik2 hahahahahah. Sabi ko ingatan nya na ingatan ang sarili palagi habang asa workalu.... Uno asked ano daw handa ko sabi ko dedma na sa handa, dami ko din gawa at paka abala nmang tunay sa mga DIY's sabi ko paluto ako pasta ke rj(young master CHEF). he said no, maghanda ka , hndi daw ako gnun kse every year i always have partees pra thanks giving na din for another year of life, fun and blessings, pro this year i decided to celebrate it by thanking HIM for all the blessings... zupeer rampa akiz sa sta. clara adoration chapel....Hanie told me to invite friends order pizza and keme keme.... so biglaan tlgah.,... buti na lang i have taco shells always ready so ang eksena texmex na lang.... i made tacos, rj cooked pasta primavera, i ordered pizza & rj made some banana crepes with choco drizzles....and we also had steak ala mexicali.... at malakas na FREE Pepsi from PizzaHUt. ayun most of my friends are present ... pro since biglaan at wa sa plano yung able at willing lang ang umattend hahahahhahaha. chareeeeeeng!


Jhan said...

hahaha....aliw naman magbasa ket mahaba!

baklush na baklush ang language mo sis!


-fellow w@wie din

jhonnie said...

thanks jhan at na enjoy kng tunay hahhahahh!

cheers amigah!