Humble Beginning's

This what makes  yours truly so BUSY the past months, Taking care of our "Humble Beginnings" Oh yeah, my husband and I decided to move to our humble CRIB and so we can enjoy more our life being the husband and wife that we are (with excitement). 

We both decided to make it on our own last May 1, 2010 (kailangan Labor Day tlga hahahha). 
Moi Esposo and I were too busy with all the things and kembot's we need to make our nest a beautiful one.

Proud to say that I take charge of making our own home design, while my husband is out for work, I would always browse for different designs through net , bought past issues of HOME magazine and the like. I enjoyed staying for hours @ the mall checking out HOME section :D

Here's some of our "home sweet home" pics.

the lamp i so love :D

more pillows please...

wanna make it sensual this time :D

our browny couch... my husband likes this a lot!

sneak peak

vase from my sister's house and now mine :D

oh dear we love chocolate brown ...

our dining table

everything must be brown ... even the curtains.

What a warm feel when after a long day you have a home to come to :D

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