The Chef Wedding Menu

"The Chef Wedding Menu"

One of the important things to consider in preparing a wedding is the FOOD.. Believe it or not, guests tend to forget the whole wedding but not the food.... If there is more important next to church is the Food that will be serve. So my partner and I make sure to focus on which caterer to choose...

Here is the Menu we personally choose to Feast on our Wedding :D


Crab and Corn Soup


Assorted Cocktail French Bread Canapē (Crab Sticks, Tuna and Egg)
Assorted Cocktail Cold Cuts (Smoked Ham, Salami, Cheesedog)


Garden Fresh Salad with Thousand Island Dressing
(Includes: Fresh Lettuce, Tomato, Carrots, Cucumber,
Pinapple, Gelatin & Macaroni Salad)


Grilled Blue Marlin Steak
Braised Beef with Red Wine
 Bacon and Cheese Spinach Fettuccine
Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole
Mild Spicy Pork Spareribs
 Creamy Chicken Pastel
Steamed Rice


Peach Melba
Fresh Fruits with Assorted Pastries
(Brownies, Butterscotch, Food for the gods)
Chocolate Fondue


Bottomless Lemon Iced Tea or Lemonade or Pineapple Orange

Includes Set-up of Brewed Coffee and Tea Bar

*Additional Mashed Potato with Gravy and
Hawaiian Fruit Punch for the
Couple and VIP only

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