9yrs of LOVIN!!

We managed to be together for for 9yrs... here's why?

his a pastry chef & im a chef diva... his a band drummer & im a band guitarist,his wierd im wierd,he likes kare2, i love bagoong, he dont eat fish i eat a lotta fish, his a homebody and im not,im outgoing his not, he plays psp i dont, he wash the dishes & sometimes i dont (but i know how,dko lang bet), he cooks & i cook (even better)hehehhe, he loves to sleep & i dont,he smoke i smoke,he dance i dance(secretively),i sing he sings (pag napilitan),he loves watching movies & i dont, he loves music and i do too,he drinks i drink, he laugh i laugh more, his quite & im not, his suplado & im not, his introvert im extrovert,he loves to hike i dont (but i appreciate the beauty of nature),

his cool im so supper cool, his patience is extraordinary, my patience is ordinary hahahah,his understanding im not easy to understand, his affectionate and i do the same, he like dogs i like it (maybe),he doesn't talk too much i talk too much, he thinks positive & i think the negatives, he likes gadgets i love it even more, he loves to pamper i love being pampered hahahha,i start the fight he close the fight hahahah, he talks a little, i talk bigtym. Were somehow opposite in so many ways but we Love each and every bit of it.

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