Loads of Inspirations and Ideas

Three months and still i cant stop myself from browsing more concepts and ideas for our wedding, I want to make it perfect as in PERFECT hahahha (posible ba toh?). Im a Hands on Bride, as in kaliit liitang detalye eh binubusisi ko, buti na lang mga pinsan ko ang wedding planners ko if not malamang nag back out na yung mga coordinators ko sa sobrang eksena ko hahahah!

My soon 2 be husband Uno & My wedding planners are done with the theme & concept (thechefwedding) and still i cant stop myself from wanting to add more ideas at pakwela to make the concept critical and complicated (pasaway lang ahhahaha) i got this, i got that from reading a lot of blogs, browsing a lot of wedding websites & chasing those new & back issues of my wedding magazines ......here are some of my newest finds (hopefully add to our finalized concept heheheh)

i want a candy buffet! yeah i know uno & i dont munch on candies,pro it looks cute havin ure guest scoop for their fave sweeties... pro i guess dedma na din to because we have chocolate fondue na..... this will add too much cost in our budget hehhehe!, kwawa nman ang mapapangasawa ko, kya i rather flushed the idea... lets say the Bride is just so excited cant help but to think of anything that might add color & spice to their wedding.... very well said! ayan HAN ha, hndi ko na to pagpipilitan.... hehhehehe!

the veil tells the story!

Hair abubots' ... before im not particular with what my hair or my entourage's hair will look like on the day of my wedding, im too focused on what my gown will look like, not until i get hooked sa pag bro browse ng diff. wedding sites... obviously cheska garcia's hairdress is a standout.... So glam many of the Bride's to be adors it! Wla lang i find this too hairpiece so nice i wanna use it too pro hndi na lang at hndi sya swak sa theme!

dvah dpat me something BLUE daw pag wedding? i find this earings so beautiful pro i dont think babagay to sa gown ko.... prang mas bonggah at yung tear drop na earings na bet na bet ko... im asking pa my causin to look 1 for me sa dubai khit fake epek na wla kse ako makitang powerful na tear drop na earings d2, siguro sa wedding preps pwede ko to gmitin whatcha think?

very nice.... i want my FG (flower-pop-gurls) to wear this on my wedding, very ballarina hihihih... i guess its not obvious ,...im so fascinated with color brown .... pro this one is really nice... pra silang ballerinang angels... love the idea!


so cute, i saw this with my best friends baby.... zupeer suot to ng youngest daugther nya... the design is so cuteeeee .... prang ansarap kagatin ng tiil ng magsusuot nito... i love it! this might be too small for my FG's tiil..... and maybe they wont appreciate this kse very pang sanggol ang dating bwhahahaahhaah!

i like to wear this gown for my wedding prep.(prang ang lakas lakas nya eh!PAK!)
love the color (yun lang i want to stick with my motif tlgah eh.... siguro pagaya ko na lang toh pro brown ang keler!.....
YES, prang liit ng braso de mercedes ng bride hahahahah! i wish...

pwede din nman h2ng winner na greecian inspired na dress?
my only worry is tignan mo nman yung me suot, wlang sussey just like the BRIDE...
prang di to winner sa flat chestnuts... so wrong!

eh how about this? very pang summer pro its nice... is so i feel relaks, i remember my neighbor who always wear yellow, once i asked her, teh bat lagi yellow suot mo? hndi mo nman faborito yan, she answered me back... nagdadala daw ng good karma ang yellow? chaeeeng! true ba yan>

can used this sa reception? i like the turban and the shades so JACKIE O.
anovah yan bka pandilatan nman ako ng mata ng GROOM hahahah sbhan na nman ako na han hndi pwede yang gsto mo, hndi lahat ng gsto mo tama hahahahahha award!
pro bet ko to.. ahhhhhh sa honeymoon na lang ko to iaaura hahahahha!

very vintage! hailuveeeet! bat ba hndi nging vintage ang theme ng wedding nmin?hahah im fascinated with vintage din kse maybe its bcause im a greecian inspired kembots addict and nothing beats vintage tlgah... the more the luma the better and butiful!

this is the most unique pillow ring that i saw i etsy... ASTIG!
iz it available hir kaya? i like this... ill ask my florists if she can make 1 for me....
another I LOVE kembot's!

anovah to? hahahahah! siyeeeeeeeet dko maalala....
bsta epek yung eksena nito... parang ansarap hawakan ng bonggah! hahahah
Patalastas lang to hahhaha diko tlgah maalala kng ano toh eh! award
by:franciang bride

WOW! beautiful wonderful! bonggah! hay naku i love pingpong flowers na tlgah very very very nice... i saw yellow pingpong flowers in DANGWA at ang bonggah bonggah nya at whats very very nice about this flower is hndi sya mahal.... pinsan atah to ng babys breathe? (pausi lang ako hahahah), i ask ateh (yes dko maalala pngalan ng florists) to include this pingpongs sa flower arrangement nya, specially for the flower pop GURLS....

nice ng arrangement specially the backdrop, its not visible but its actually flowerballs
very nice... i wish i have the closer view of this so that everyone would appreciate
how beautiful the settings was made.

this honey bee is one of the so many ideas i have ,
pro we find it expensive hahahahah!
so we switched to salt &
peppah shaker & the herb bottles instead....

nice like it but the box color is so plain....

Hollah! this one fits our motiff but i need to replace the ribbon
i want champagne gold ribbon that would define the brown box.
actually this one looks like the actual box that we have for our souvenirs.

another vintage inspired finds @ etsy.... love it love it!
the color , the lace, the accents its PERFECT!

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