-sing with the BRIDE-

I see the light, ohh what a light
And I am sober All that you served to me No
longer will I drink it in
I took the time to think it over I see the you
that I never knew
Now it's finally sinking in I am sober

Wish to book SOBER CLUB on our wedding...... yeah its a mobile BAR.... Astig!
Uno and I were thinking if we can stretch our budget and hire SOBER CLUB.
We both enjoy kse moments of nomo's, wine-dining and pamorningan session with friends
hndi nman kmi alcoholic but its part of our weekend bonding with fwends.
House Partee is incomplete w/out ethanols at alam na alam nyo yan hahahahah!

Bet na Bet tlgah nmin to!Since we have acoustic band performing,its like an after wedding party na din, pag lahat ng ma-onduz eh nagsipag largahan na... its time to throw the white gown and suit and change to more comfy clothes ng makahataw ng Bonggah sa dance floor..(hahahahha gow mga partee goers) We want kse to incorporate the traditional eksena pra sa mga oldies and the modern side nman for us the couple & for our guests na ksing bagets nmin hahahahahahahaha! tska sbi nga ng loverboy ko... ifull-blasts ng partee... pro sabi ko weytah-minite hanie.... compute muna ako before we book Sober... If it fits our Budgey gow.. will get them if not.... will just hire them some other tym maybe on our 1st wedding aniverssary.

Pro lets see kse actually ako ang nagbigay ng idea ke Uno about Sober... when i emailed him about this, he would just say ok lets see when i got home... then when i show him the website tumambling ng wlang habas ang pogi kong bowa.... Gsto nya daw nun.... hahahahahhaha.! so maybe or maybe not ang labanan nito hahahahah... we have 2 months pa nman pra maka pag decide whether a yes or a no.... Nakakalokah kse ang expenses.... prang di mo pa kinokompute eh butas ng bulsa mo.... kawawa nman ang mapapangasawa ko.

I saw Sober's multiply acct. and i was so impressed. as in...
one of my frustrations kse is becoming a bartender
oh yes... she's a BA-haR-Tendeee-er (pakanta yan ha hahahah)

love the set up sobrang winner
it does fit our personality
very makulay!
very masaya
very uno & jhonnie

nice .... ang nagpalakas ng eksena d2 eh yung bread sticks .... hahahahah!

screaming orgasms PRESENT

wallbangers are present hahahahha
adjay..adjay de bangger!

tequila i like

tequila sunrise in diff. colors CHECK!

any sponsors? hahahhaha u might want to give this as a wedding present!
ANYONE? cheers!!!

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