loveleeeeeh! this is exactly what i want myself to look like on my wedding day, this neat headband is so simple but so classy ... panaloping tunay!

Felicity will make this aura a reality on our reception, Check!

my first & last choice for my Ceremony Look.... winner .. winner ... winner!

and the back view will be just like this... I luveeeet!

for my malakas na duo-eye ... Felicity will use the smokey eye effect, it looks really glamorous.... lalo pat evening wedding ang eksena.... cant wait to have my 2nd trial HMUA for our Pre-Nup this June.

Sabi ko nga ke Felicity na i would still go for the same hairstyle & make up she use nung last trial make-up (zupeer inspired by this pics & lucy torres pics, na hinarbat ko sa Starstudio na magazine).Just need to focus more on my smokey eyes effect kse the last time parang kulang sa pagka dark ang duo-eye ko, siguro afraid ang felicity kse its not usual, Mostly kse Brides use pink and pastel colors during weddings, i guess out of 100 brides , 20% lng would prefer to use dark shades and obviously isa akey dun! Im not afraid to use dark colors ... the darker the better, Pak Cheers! gsto ko pa ngang i-exaggerate ang aura eh yung tipong punks look dead lang hahah charereeng butanding. Pro for the lips ill use lyter than lyter than light shades (for the ceremony) yun pra mukhang naive at syempre to highlight of kors my smokey eyes ... (tipbits: if u use dark shades for ure eyes make sure to use lyt lipstick to highlight ure duo-eyes). Pro for the reception i want a more daring look (mind u ... i said Daring hahahahah).... dark red lipstick is a must.... pra winner ang entrance nmin ng Papa Un's hahahahah ! The darker the liptuk the Glamour it would be, Cheers!

Our 1st official Pre-Nup is scheduled this June (waiting for my Groom to arrive), we were thingking of a place wherein we can justify our Theme... so it will definitely be at a restaurant, a wine cellar or a kitchen hub heheheheh...excited na tlgah ako ng bonggah! MaNdy Abesamis will be the head master for the pre-nup. Also this June, my wedding planner (slashed) friend (slashed) photographer will be the one to take charge of the Pre-Nup Portrait inspired kembot & our Pre-nup ala outdoor concept with the entourage....exciting!!!! Ayan na naeexcite na nman daw akey ng Bonggah!

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