First leg of our PRE-NUP with TM

-lomo shoot winner-

Very Surprising..............akala ko effortless ang pagpose infront of the camera... kse nga i love pics and sanay na ako sa angles hahahah well ... hndi pla..ang hirap mag pose sa harap ng photographer conscious na conscious ang dashing bubbly Bride...

Nadaig ako ng GROOM hahahahah! well it was only in our pre-nup that i discovered that UNO can be a best actor hahhahaha... he smiles and acted naturally in front of the camera... while ako stiff kya nman i dont find some of the pics fabulous hahahah (pro wlang kinalaman dun ang P/V nmin .... ako ang salarin TM hahahah), pero in all fairness to TM he is a GOOD Photographer, magaang katrabaho at cool... khit na medyo reklamador ako sa mga pingagagawa nya he still manages to smile & motivate us more na mag emote in front of his napaka powerful cam... sadya lang maarte ako at likas na me pagka usisera hahahahah! Nakakalokah..... andyang mahiga ako sa bar hahahahha, mag ala nina, sitti sa studio at mag emo-emo sa harap ng plenting utaw hahahahahah....

Galing ng shoots specially this one...... astig yung lights and the scene very uno and jhonnie!

10thumbs up TM!
ang winner winner nito

we rock!

Super winner at saya ng shoot.... Jim Guerero of Loreal Philippines & TM was on time ..... kmi ang hindi.... shame on us, medyo aligaga kse we only have limited time to do this.... I was too busy preparing for something else & my Groom just arrived from a 3mos contract abroad.. so mdyo hagard pa sya plus samahan pa ng panghaharass ko to do all the things needed ........ sadista hahahahah!

one of our favorite shoot!

Ok so back to pre-nuppy... we shoot at 2 diff. location, one was in a wine cellar in Makati and the other one was at a Band Studio in Malate. Good thing i choose indoor shoots kse if not my gudness lapot na kmi parehas ng Groom... Imagine powerful nman ang aircrash sa location pro ang hndi namin maintindihan eh bakit kmi pinagpapawisan ng so BONGGAH! hahahhahaha! Comedy nmang tunay ..... pero its worth the pawis nman, kse TM still captures the best anggulo ( pro TM promise sa wedding day yung anggulo ko ang focus ha hehheheh). I wanted to share all the photos pro according to my wedding planners ..... keep it muna between us ... show some teaser lang muna daw para exciting!

1st part of the Pre-Nup is more on our Chef Theme..... we wore the same chef uniform and toque's... its more of intimate pics between us and our love for cooking... by the way my fiance nga pla is a pastry chef ako nman chef wannabe lang hahahhahah!

cant smile naturally ang init d2 sa kitchen na toh award

and the wines tell it all

2nd part of the shoot was more on what we both love .. MUSIC.... were both member of the band waywayback when we were in H.S. ..We decided to invite our entourage to be there & be part of the shoot... sayang lang not all of them was there specially my Maid of Honor who is in Canada.This shoot was so fun at d2 ako naubusan ng energy. The gamest (me word bang ganyan hahahah) entourage ever hahahahah, walang ka effort effort kng magsipag project sa camera... panaloping tunay....

whata awesome entourage they are

First leg pa lang to hahahhaha. what more pag pinost ko pa yung shoots using cathy & emz cam.... panalopi :D

Hay... Uno & I felt so good , sa wakas were done with our pre-nup.... Thanks to my causin's majo & cathy u did an EXCELLENT JOB... (tongyang nah yohoooo)... to Jim who made my eyes so so powerful... (thanks tita fanny hahahah) to em whuz been always puyat bcoz of me hahahhaha... salaymat mare for taking time to help in any way u can...to ate shiela for driving all the way to makati-pasay-singalong-makati-manila..... we love u ateh with all our heart. To Tm for being so matyaga, pagka-bait & easy to deal with lalo na sa rates hehehhehe! (hats off to cathy the bridge over the not so troubled watah) to my entourage whuz been so game during the shoot.... u rock mga amigot-amigah! And to my FIANCE, BESTFRIEND, MAN, MY SOULMATE & MY PARTNER... thank u for making all this things possible.... u loved me so much u made all my wishes come true... I love u with all my heart HANIE... i WILL never forget how u whispered to me those heart melting phrase during our shoot.. iM am so lucky and TRUELY blessed to have found you. I love u Hanie....



carlamaldita said...

ang saya naman ng prenup nyo!

carla w@wie

jhonnie said...

yes indedd carla :D