Wedding is not all about the BRIDE
Its about two souls that are bind to be together infront of GOD
and all the people they love.

It is during this time of my life that i realize that its always the BRIDE and the BRIDE alone who is treated zupeer extra special during weddings, people around us would always show their concern about the bride and is more excited to know everything that the Bride is going through. How about the GROOM?
There maybe people who from time to time asked about the GROOM,but for some reason i do not understand why people would always focused on the BRIDE - (dhil ba once in a lifetime lang to? bakit hndi ba pwedeng once in a lifetime to sa GROOM) Very odd because a wedding wouldn't be complete w/out the GROOM. I would always hear people say... its her wedding.... her alone?ako lang ba tlgah ang ikakasal? hahahahha! wierd!

FOR me ITS OUR WEDDING....the Star of the Partee is not merely ME but US.. we are both the CENTER OF of ATTRACTION the STAR - DIVA OF THE Celebration.

This blog was written from the very start of our wedding preps, but to no avail its only now that i get the chance to post it. (hndi pa nga tapos eh , pinilit ko lang hahahah, obviously pictures are not yet uploaded). It took me so long to finally post this because i want to capture those times when my GROOM - my partner & my Hanie enjoys preparing for our BIG event.... I want to incorporate those pics were UNO is the bida and not me. I saw him focused on what to & not to priority when we started planning, he may maybe a lurker at times but u don't know how BIG the ideas and inspirations he has on mind.I should say MY Partner is not always at my side during preps because of his work, but virtualy speaking he is very visible.

Nobody knows that he is very much hands on too, until i post this BLOG. In spite of the distance and tremendous demand on his work he still finds time to share whatever ideas and inspirations he has on mind, his frequent emails, decision makings & being the BANKER (im the teller kasi) plays a BIG role in making our wedding extra special To sum it up "The whole preps wouldn't be complete w/out his "SAY". He is not just an ordinary Groom, he is an AWESOME GROOM :D

I am just to lucky and blessed for having a partner who is not only inlove with me but also who is very much willing to do his share (not only the huge amount of budget he did invest for our wedding) and the thought that he inspires me more by being the MAN who stands always beside me is really something i should be proud off.

Thankful and blessed that i am, i would always thank GOD for not just giving me the man of my dreams but also for giving me a PARTNER who is not just there when i need the most but is also here to protect me and love me and even marry me in front of HIM and all the people who is important to us. GOD is so good he mold this man to be my partner.

With this i would like to pass the hat to my Fiance, My Groom, My hanie, My buddy, My best friend and my soon to be HUSBAND for being the best person he is and for being passionate about the love we have shared for each other. My Life, my well being and my wishes & dreams comes true because of his undying LOVE for me. If there will be at any point in my life that i have to choose who to marry, it would always be my UNO... and him alone that ill choose.

find this lyrics so nice and very true!

"You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you
I just cant compare you with anything in this world
You're all I need to be with forevermore"

Capturing the most memorable moments of MY soon to be Husband

taken during our PRE-NUP SHOOT

in Between SHOOTS

ang napaka walang reklamong GROOM...
he doesnt mind wearing make-ups
nakita nyo nman with ALL smile

mukha lang syang aburido dyan pro his not
he loves shopping for his

checking our wedding expenses ayaay!
see seryoso hahahha!

oh he loves fud tasting
this was taken @ ELOQUENTE
khit na malamig na ang FUD he did enjoyed it!

more pics coming up!


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