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"The Formality Dinner"
-commonly known as the Traditional Pamamanhikan-

9pm - June 14, 2009 Sunday, Goodchi-Bluewave Macapagal... Since all the details in our Wedding is set & finalized already, we choose to have our formal dinner with our family's instead of the traditional pamamanhikan.

Were on the legal age and status to marry, so we thought of having a feasible dinner together with all the people who is dear to us.... We opt to choose goodchi - bluewave , because of the Groom's love for Chinese food.

We ordered 2 sets of each:

* Pata Tim
* Lemon Chicken
* Fried Noodles with Beef
* Bakchoy with Garlic & Rice Wine
* Spicy Squid & Pepper
* Yang Chow Fried Rice
* Buco Lychee
* Halaan Soup
* Assorted Drinks

Its very obvious that this Wedding is all about GOOD FOOD.... (no wonder hahahaah),the fud was a BIG hit not only to the seniors even kids love it! Actually if you were to see us dining that night you wouldnt think that we are having our formality dinner or some sort of pamamanhikan, because everyone is busy with the fud hahahahah, (galit-galit muna kmi while eating). The ambiance & the people present is very warm, u can feel na isang malaking pamilya kmi celebrating the union of 2 tweetharts hahahha.. Masaya, though we all know that 2 men are missing... its papa & daddy. But we know wherever they are right now they're both happy for us.

Uno was with mama judith, siblings, aunt and pamangkins, while for the aquino's mommy, lola nanay, auntie aida & rj are present. We opt to have dinner together with our familys not to give them worries about our wedding, but some sort of an acquaitance na din.

After dinner, ate shiela-uno and I had a smoke4mor moment outside, kids were all busy @ timezone.... its like a typical family day.... cool... no pressure.... no misunderstanding on both sides ..... no rants..... no eerrry feeling... it was all fun & tummy filled evening. This is how exactly we want our pamamanhikan to happen. Thanks to both our families who respect what we want & planned.

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