something for the Boys

I'm done shopping for the female entourage Gifts.... Its not really a must but since all of this chicks were so dear to me and that they exerted too much effort for my wedding.... i believe giving them something for keeps wont harm my pocket - loads with coins and mameras hahahahahah....

For the boys whom took me sometime to think on what to give...

I would say might or might not this shirts were i find so cool, will be our simple keepsake for them.... i said might or might not because i asked my gud friend Ate lisa to order a bottle of can opener for
our male "pararat" boys hahahhaha! for the meantime let me show samples of this so COOL shirts.

I was so fascinated with the simple & yet powerful design of this shirts i even went to Greenhills to look for one, too bad there were no stores who sells this stuff , so what i bought was the GAME OVER SHIRT instead.not bad at all!

... i wanna see UNO pa nman wearing the GROOM shirt on our wedding day preps....

For my GROOM and our MALE Entou this shirts are a sure ball winner!

checkout my DIY blog for this.... i came acrosss to this website were it feautures a lot of useful wedding ideas.... wanna share it with people who visits my blogsite as well.... Lets keep on sharing hahahahahh!

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