After months of looking & searching for the perfect GOWN that would FIT myself 's undefined personality (hang-taray nman!), finally i have found what i want.Im very particular with what i want but that was during before we planned for our wedding...... Majirap pla pag turn mo ng mamili ng gown... award yung wang puknat kong kaka browse at bayla ng magazines... Ke gastos nmang tunay at jubusan sa oras....Award!

Of course, una too much sa pagka TOO MUCH pressure,you'll feel the pressure of dieting because you want to feel really beautiful on that day (starvation ang eksena).... you want to be confident enough to carry the gown.(kuk !dhil hndi ako ang ike-kecarry ng gownchina)..

Oh well I've been with this head-aching deal since last year.....hahahahha! Pangalawa , ull get confused on which one to choose b'coz there's a LOT .... literally A - LOT of websites that features the bests wedding gowns "kadamu gid-GI-Atay".. (sa dami ang tendency FUSION ang eksena)..... experience wise, well pinagdaanan ko to ng so bonggah! Kya nga its only today that i finally finalized which one i really want....

I did choose what to design b'coz i don't wanna blame anybody/nobody - but u ... chareeeng :) (lhat ng me body) if the gown turned out to be different on the one that i like.... and also i know what are my pinka malakas na anggulo pag suot ang gowns-teru (hana-kanang nman)hahahahah!of kers, Ive been too many angles at knows ko na kng san ako nagrereyna at umaangatchina.

Teaser? sige i wont comment nor get people confused pro might or might be?who knows ?????.... let's put it this way, i want to keep 3/4's of the wedding details to myself , my partner and my events partners.... pra nman me abangan kayo noh.... eh kng lahat na lang ibebera ko eh di wa ng excitement hahahahha....... Gusto ko yung eksenang Ma-o0verwelmed ang mga bisitang Pandangal sa mga Malalakas na Pasabog hahahahahah! Pro infairmess ha its hard to PLOW hahahah, ay mali, hanovey! Kidding aside ...infairness tlgah mahirap magsikreto lalo na sa mga labing matabil hahahahha!

lakas ng likodchi ng belat oh.... prang waging wagi to.... classic na sexy ang eksema...
winner to.... h2 ang harap hahahahahha!

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