GUD Morning Mrs. Codilla

Gud Morning Mrs. Codilla - what a lovely morning greeting from my husband! Very True hndi na ito plano o panaginip o pangarap o haka haka hahahah , I'm married at Codilla na ang aking apelyido..... hailabeeet!

Its been a busy , tiring and yet wonderful and memorable nigh last night (wow puro NIGHT). Our wedding was a BLAST according to our family, relatives and friends who witnessed the 10yr. wedding in a making. hahahahhahaha! 8am were almost ready to attacked CIRCLES Buffet Breakfast hahahha.. Its our FIRST BREAKFAST together as husband and wife (with kilig ikmyl).

My Pag-ibig can't decide were to start hahahhaha!
mdyo na overwelmed ang loverboy ko, mdali pa nman maumay
so very lyt lang ang ginetlak nyang lafuz!

I was very at ease i didnt notice that my hubby was being so emotional telling me that i act like as if i was not married to him (pra lang daw kming d usual my boyfriend girlfriend hahahaha) coz when we were still GF and BF's we dont hold hands all the tym its like a typical girl boy walking and if we like to hold hands we do but if not we dont... hahahah! so i grab his hand and tell him ... han wag magshdong cheessy ha at nakakagutom lalo hahahahha. Then i remember the reason why his like that kse nga pla monthsarry nmin hahahahahh!

We choose the table near the window .... Circles is somewhat jampacked that morning, a lot of politicians and elites personalities are also there having their breakfast...

Hanie started the buffet with hash browns..... hams and breads.... while im busy getting some sushi and sashimi @ the japanice corner... 2nd turn i grab my fave pancakes with mascarpone and fresh blueberry jam with butter... ay Winner!

my very own platter of maguro & salmon sashimi, california maki
and crab & tuna maki ....check!

my favey French Blueberry Pancake with freshly made blueberry jam & butter
with mascarpone cheese (asa separate plate pla ang cheeee-sow)

We ordered Coffee and we had this Fresh orange juice in between. I get so excited with this little Heinz ketchup i even took pictures of it... We were full and bloated already we wanted to smoke... even if we wanted to have another round we cant na tlgah (kota kinabalu) .... syang hahahahahh! My husband loved the fud.... its so sulit ... everything u want is there already... if i have the capacity of 3 peps stomach , i can taste all the dishes and ransack whatever is edible and available, i swear.....Panalofing so Tunay! (pwede kayang ditey na lang kmi mag almuchow palagi? hahahah) Hanie love the resto as well as i do , he even told me that will be going back and have breakfast again.... yipeeeeeh! na excite na akiz agad khit wla pang date hahahahahha! cheeeers!

looks cutey...:)

i had 2 kinds of ham - > homemade sweet ham with cranberry marmalade sauce and the honey baked ham,
cheese quiche with cream cheese, camembert cheese & Livarot cheese (heaven)
buttered broccoli & carrots, a strip of waggly WAGYU steak.. BOX OFFICE HIT! :)

Such a winner andami kong nalaps hahahah

now I'm craving for this...
syang ang TIRA-misuh hahahahahah!

BURP! solve mga amigah........:)

I must say this is the Best Morning - Breakfast i ever had in my life.... Gud Place, Gud fud, cool atmosphere and with a Man i so LOVE... what more can be better than this very 1st morning i had with my Husband.!

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