10 Years and Counting

11.09.2009 marked our 10th yr. together as sweethearts hihihi.. Even if we got married just before our  10th year anniversarry we did celebrate it with a "BIG BANG"!  Its something we want to treasure as we move into another phase in our life being together as husband and wife.

Lately weve been into sunset watching, its romantic and its really relaxing... it brings back all good memories. Were not into gimmick mood anymore like before that we enjoyed listening to loud music and some dancing... not this time... (ageing na nga ata kmi hahahah). Were more like of a sit back , relax, chill and enjoy every moment of just being together......or meet good friends, house party and chill till dawn.

Listening Manila Bay's  wave and looking at the whole picture of  sunset face to face, we cant help but reminisce those precious times when we were starting as a couple (wayback 10yrs. ago :D)...  A story of a boy-girl who got a crush, fall in love and eventually end  up  together.Today, i cant express how happy i am.I feel blessed and loved. (ayan paka seryoso muna akiz).I never dreamed and ever imagined that ill end up marrying the Man i am deeply inlove with. Love is truely amazing!!! GOD has truely blessed me with a partner that would love me the way he wants me to be loved.

We started  our Super Special Day by saying i love you to each other (wow), then we had a simple late lunch of Nilaga and Fried Pork that i personally cooked for my Esposo.Took some rest again then finally we started to prepare for our Romantic Date

Our first itinerary is sunset watching @ the Sunset Bar in Sofitel Hotel, we dont want to miss the sunset so we were literally rushing to be there before 5pm. We were both excited ... really excited.... :D we arrive sofitel just in time. The view was so perfect, it was so beautiful (one of the so many GOD's wonderful creations).... we took pictures and we enjoyed the moment as well us enjoyed my husband's  Melted Cheese Hamburger matching our Banana Shake with yogurt allthroughout our sunset watching. 

It was like "dejavu"... i dont know but i have this feeling weve been here before, doing the same thing together. It was magical indeed. We chill and enjoyed the moment, until we dont see any traces of lights coming from the sun anymore. We  actually enjoyed it so much we didnt realize we need to be at the harbour square for our next itinerary (yacht like escapade.. wohooo!).. We planned of  3 dates today.. 1. Sunset Watching at the Sunset Bar in Sofitel, 2nd. Cruise Manila and the last is have a supeer full dinner after. But since we lack enough time to cruise naks hahahaha, (ang true eh na mis na nmin ang last trip) because, traffic in Manila at that time is  tremendous, so we opt not to take the cruise instead do it the next day.... So we headback to MOA and have our Full Dinner at Yakimix.... its a Buffet  Yakiniku style resto that also caters main dishes...  Its like shabu2 in a way without the soup, pro the whole concept is like your in Tong Yang (one of our favey eat all u can shabu2 resto).  Hubby enjoyed Tempura, Crispy Pata, Sweet n' Sour Pork and grilled meats while I enjoyed my Maguro and Salmon Sashimi,shrimps, Fish and my MINI sukiyaki soup..... The food was superb... We enjoyed it so much...really MUCH.... burp!

After the sumptous and mouth filling dinner, we went home talking about our part 2 celebration of our 10th yr. tomorrow.... This time its gonna be Cruisin me Baby hihihi!

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