Our first ever date after we got married hihihi... feeling so good alright, in spite of non stop sneezing and coughing me and my husband  celebrated our first date ever this weekend... its been a long holiday weekend ... .I woke up early to prepare food  (brunch) since will be both busy sorting things inside our bedroom. I do a lot of cooking lately, because my husband is here, i have to but no choice give up my sorority glam life, my farming and my extra curricular activities and instead pamper him with my cooking.  :D

Back to my story.... After few stretching and muni muni. Hanie said, Han pwede ba kita i-date? lets go to Ocean Park (yez ocean park daw oh hahahah) since i haven't been there, i said yes of kors... (getting really excited) .... and even though were not that feeling well  we dress up and invade O.P.....  

Its Holiday so NO traffic... we were @ Oceanarium  past 5 .... my husband was so SUPER EXCITED ,bilisan daw nmin kse daw hanggang 8pm lang ang park.... hahahah afraid masarhan. Funny but its true, he looks masungit and suplado but deep inside of him was a kids heart... he loves kids stuff, kya nman zupeer close sya sa mga shumangkin  nya, Uno loves exploring zoo, parks, toy stores and everything that would fascinate this little ones. A kids a heart i must say. 

So there, Before entering the Main Door to the PARK MALL and so....I saw this balloons with kids inside,they were rolling like eggs in the water, kaka-aliw ng too much! I remember watching Diane castillejo's game show that featured the same activitity pero sa Boracay ata yun?

Entrance Fee was a BIT expensive, actually I never thought it costs too much, it was so expensive for a small park like this . Pro i wouldn't mind spending too much , what I'm after is my husband's happiness.,I know how excited he was, that in spite of  the  Humid weather and some rain showers,  tumambling pa din kami, buti na lang i have my bonggang pamaypay ever ready as always pra sa very humid na panahon :D 

the Fernwood effect ng Park....

-now pa enter na ng park as in official FISH Kingdom-

 yeah its lipstick tang for this labahitz

 kung mka pout nman ang fishy mashashado Pak!

It was complete darkness  inside (hahahah.. darkness tlgah mga teh) but mind u its cool... i mean as in  malamig sa loob hahahahah kya naapreciate ko ng bonggah yung park, khit na im not fond of those kembots , except for this one fish which catches my attention..... Me Glam at FAB life din pla under the sea hahahahha. oh yeah like this LIPSTICK TANG kembot fish.,na when u get to see it  fez 2 fez , timbog ng tunay si zsa2 sa pagka pout ng lips ng eksenadorang  fishy... so aliw..... The Pinaka zero glamang part is that camera flash is a BIG NO NO inside hahahah chaka pa nman ng lightings, pro ok lang i get to took some pics nman na winner ang kinalabasan. Like this one..... very under d sea....

Look at this stuff isn't neat wouldn't u think my collections complete?
woudnt u think im the girl, the girl who has everything.... hahahah

hndi sya si ariel si UNO po yan,ang omz ng buhay ko hahahhaha!

 amaze na amaze ang Mi esposo hihihihi

Proudly i can say that im Uno's official photographer that day hahhaha, yeah mdyo d kse ako mka aura for bonggang pose bcause i kept on sneezing and coughing allthrougout the pasyal.... 

@ nagpapaka bibo ang aking MI esposo hihihih :D

"wearing mah vintage bohemian tunic... wid my so DIY pearl drop earring's"

The Park was not that BIG, mga 5 tambling at 4 n
a kembot eh nalibot mo na sya. I guess 2nd floor was launched  recently to  connect to Park Mall, andun din sa 2nd Flr ang mlalakas na DR. FISH na supeer spa ang drama, if im not mistaken its 120 for a fish spa? yeah ... mdyo me mem gap na din akiz bcause of ageing (wow aminada hahahahha). Talking about Fish Spa, i love spa's not a FISH SPA, when i saw the FISH SPA , its not inviting.... as in, its tiles were in light blue  and  white bricks in color, so ang efek eh u get to see whats under, eh mdyo hndi inviting kya i opt not to try, eventhough Uno insisted that i should try it. (not for a show off but for the sake of just trying it)pro sorry i woudnt' mind not trying the not so inviting na FISH spa dedma.....as in dedma sa sholipungash at ma-uy na fungi, inyo na yan chareeeeeng...

me asim nman ang shark na itey

pogi... pst... i love u hihihii

Oh Yeah Baby....
SUNSET Watching with my Husband.....

I have plenty of version sa sunset shots pro i guess this is one of the best.

Lately weve been fascinated with sunset watching... we find it so romantic and so relaxing
it bring backs all the funny, memorable and good things in the past..
Oh how we LOVE sitting together holding hands while watching the SUNSET...

While we were @ the 2nd level we saw Oceana Restaurant, its a resto owned and operated by Tamayo's, of kers my Partner is hungry as usual hahahahha, so we went in and ordered 2 kinds of sandwiches. 

hanie's Oceana's Bacon Cheeseburger

my mozarella sandwich, na wla nman akong nalasahang cheeesow... ke baribar hahahhaha:D

 Price wise its not that budget friendly, pro its ok, i saw UNo enjoyed every bit of his burger kya happie na din at ok na sa price.:D  

while watching sunset and waiting for our order

my husband always goof around ...

oh yeah baby....gettin really interested:D

After our late meryenda, we entered the Mall and to our surprise there is an Asian Food  Museum Inside, sad nga lang at close ang drama nya... pro naman very much open ang MAKASUNTRA... na from now on eh one of mah favey place to dine and enjoyed asian-east-west cuisine in a very affordable price.... npaka winner pa ng ambiance....Loveeet!

i love those lanterns... very FAB!

oops me chicks oh .....

u saw him sa afc im sure




Very inviting ang place, the lights are so good for Night mode pictorials, the ambiance was very asian, i love those lantern balls hangging and they have a HUGE variety ng choices ng food, so even where still full sa late meryenda , We ordered pa din and enjoyed hainanese chicken and soo mee noodles plus the heung fun na mdyo salty pro kerry lang...

i want this lanterns promise

nasi goreng, dimsum,rotti's and etc.. name it they have it here...

I must say this was a FUN FUN FUN and FULL as in busog Filled DAY for both of us... we went home with lots of memories and smile in our face... One of the BEST date indeed.. I just can express how happy i am, i have the best  partner , the most responsible, the most humble, the coolest, the most patient and the most sweetest HUSBAND in  the whole WORLD...

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