Black Partee

Its Christmas Season once again... Parties are everywhere.... The season I so love the most... Uno & I's High School Barkada celebrated our PRE Christmas Partee Last 11.30.2009 with an " OSCAR'S BLACK PARTEE  Theme"..... we celebrated it earlier because were gonna be all busy with our personal kembots starting this December.... We all know that one of the Busiest Month of the year is December.... Parteees are kabilaan ....

the Gang


The Party Theme was inspired by those Hollywood Star's who would always wear black... Black is Glam and u cant be wrong in wearing Black... wear it with white or red and still you'll  be a standout... Ive always Love Black, not only it decreases my weight somehow (sa pics and oyl) hahahahhahaha but it also makes me look mestizahin bwahhaahhahahaah.... yun lang ang let me hear some scratch are present....(derma):D


The FUD was so plentiful wonderful ..... potluck is present of kors... i cooked, fish fillet in cream of tartar sauce, teriyaki fillet, spicy salt n pepper fritters.... Noreen and ruz bought grilled chicken, Jojo's share was the Award winning Carbonara and d so winner na Menudo cooked by our Tita Ninang Jo, Robot &  Jo's toka nman is the so powerful cake from red ribbon and doughnuts for kids (oo ke allan at jojo na mahilig sa matamis),Allan d so galante bought 2 bottles of tequila, The Venue Host Jasper and Belen had there grilled liempow  and Hotta Rice..... Burp......(me nkalimutan ba ako?)......:D Sayang lang Cons and Violet wasn't able to come at despidida ng shupatembang (kafatid) ni Violet. Jhe and Joseph nman has previous engagement kya di din present.

We Started the party with a sumptuous dinner followed by nonstop Acoustic Jam's led by all of the boys hahahhaha... San ka pa the best Bassist and Byahista aka seaman sabi ni Norz,  Jojo,  Allan sa Lead Guitars ..... wid pasalit salit na eksena from BIMBO.... Jasper also plays Bass and my Husband beat some Beat boxin (cajon) and Bonggo were Russell was also a master.... Galing.. samahan mo pa ng mga BOses nmin ni Nors, Belen at ROBOT (na nkiki agaw sa pang chicks na Kanta hahahah)HUWOW! Partee na Tunay !!!!

We were also suprised by Russell's winning talents.... from drums to cajon to bonggo then trumpetah so fanalopi....Noreen's version ng napaka symbolic na "NO DIGGITY" was a sureball Winner too... with all the dancing and kembots.. Saya....

I must say the Parteee was a Blast.... a total Blast.... All were in the Theme getup and no one complainedh ihihihi., instruments were kumpleto the RED backdraft was so shinning shimming too.. OPPPs nkalimutan ko pla ang special participation ng Ninang E... na super supportive sa pag capture ng so winner na moments using her pasok na pasok sa Jar na SLR.....

Next year ano nman kyang Theme? hihihihihiihi!

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