busy as usual

Been so damn busy these past few weeks... WHY? because a lot of things is set to happen this December, if only i can stretch the hours and days i would,.. Ohhh my Ohh my.... Ke BARIBAR!

December is my favorite month, u woudnt wanna ask Y? because u know the answer hihihii... Its Christmas Season and I love it... the weather is so lovely, people are busy shopping... reunions are everywhere and the FUD.... oh yeah ...its overflowing.... hay!

Just a recap ..... IM TOO BUSY ... because;

1. We have an event this 18th of december,,,, its a wedding ... last client for this year....
2. Trash the Dress
3. Busy gathering paraparnalyaz at kembots for the Trash the Dress
4. Oscar's Acoustic Night Partee with my Friends
5. Sorority "Sabotage Party" with Pinkies
6. Glam Party @ Convergys
7. 2 Family Reunions
8. SHop for my inaanaks
9. Taking Care of my Hubby
10. GLAM life with my SOrority sisters
11. Making my own Hairpiece (the Hippie Bohemian Inspired-Vintage kembots ), designing my bejewelled sandalyas
12. Updating my 2 Blogsites.... and make MONEY out of it yipeeeeeeh
13. Visit Sagada or Baguio ?
14. gift giving in our Barangay
15. Update my status .... Until now di pa nauumpisahan award.
16. Busy thinking of the best Xmas gift for my Hubby
17. Location hunting for the trash the dress

Hay.. give me stamina and energy to do this..... :D

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