loveeeeleh GOODIES from U.S.

I fell in love with this sticker the first time i saw it...I like it , i like it, i like it! so I emailed the supplier to check if they accept orders outside US? Sadly they don't, Na frustrate nman ang dashing bubbleee Bride ..... isip kng pano mpapasakamay tong mga kembot na toh! teneng! si ate liza hhihihi.... perfect timing nman at lately me communication kmi ni ate Liz (my friend & ate who's in the US)....

*lovely stickies*

so yun nga supeer email ako ke Ate Liz, hanggang she offered to order those stuffs and then ship it to Manila, (What a Lucky Dashing Bubbly Bride I am wehehheeeeh (ang haba whew!). Owe u a lot ateh.... a million thanks!

he Next day i was so excited i spent the whole afternoon browsing the web until i saw this can openers, (hmmn) it looks nice ->its so nice it does comes in tag's too and a personalized box..... a nice gift for our principal sponsors and male entourage????? so i asked ate Liz if she can include this can openers to my order.. (pra isang bagsak na lang).

*the can opener*

oops wait im not yet done hehehe,(syempre pa wlang sawa ang pagbrowse ko dvah so me na-ispatan na nman akei) this chocolaty brown pillow rings. (naku pangatlo na to, maisara na nga tong suppliers website or else i end up seeing good stuffs again & again heheheh) kse nman this website has its ceremony "must have" portion na nkakalokah tlgah at andaming mgagandang pag giblak hndi lang sa basta guest even sa friends...

*the chewy chocs pillow rings*

Hir it iz.... tantararan the chocolatey pillow ring, simple pro it matches our motif very well, so again kahit na nakakahiya na ke ate liz eh i even asked if she can add 1 pillow rings. Hay
I cant wait to open the box filled with stickers , can openers and our pillow ring.

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