Learning experiences will help other brides as they plan their weddings.

BRIDE: Jhonnie Aquino

LOCATION: Philippines

WEDDING DATE: September 8, 2009

COLORS:Champagne Gold & Chocolate Brown

THEME: The Chef Wedding

NUMBER OF GUESTS: 200 or more?Nope, stick to 200guests .....

Q: How long ago did you begin planning for your wedding?

A: about a year ago

Q: What is the most important thing on your mind right now?

A: To have the most romantic, fun & unique wedding

Q: What has been the most difficult or stressful part of preparing for your wedding?

A: Money hehheheh! In order to save for the wedding, we had to change some of our habits (like not going out / house parties as much,shopping, buying unnecessary stuffs, etc.) to help set some money aside. Changing the way we did things was a challenge.I would say the next hardest part was working within our budget whew! Good thing we have our siblings and cousins who blessed us with their GIFTS . The Preparation, Looking for the best suppliers & losing weight.

Q: What would you do differently if you had the opportunity?

A: Elope? hahahah or Civil Wedding will do....

Q: Did you use a wedding planner or go it alone?

A: I'm a hands on Bride but i cannot do it all alone. Luckily i have 2 cousin's who specialized events handling..... everything is OH- THANK-U! Majo & Cathy U ROCK !

Q: At this point, what last minute details are left?

A: Finalizing the lists of things essential for the ceremony & reception, meetings and more meetings with the suppliers, printing of Invites, dissemination of STD's, Groom's Suit/Shoes, Marriage License, PRE-NUPS, our accessories and i guess that's it!

Q: Did you choose to forego anything in your wedding plans because of the economy?

A: Uno & I changed and reduced the number of guests from what we had originally planned.

Q: What has surprised you the most?

A: My fiance UNO has been VERY involved in the planning process—more than I expected he would be. The support & help from our family, relatives and friends ......

Q: Advice for other brides?

A: Have fun with the planning, and don’t stress about every little detail. It’s only one day. And remember, you can find what you want within your budget if you look hard enough or be a little creative.

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