The Hectic Bride

Most of the Major things for our
wedding preps is DONE! whew, Legal papers, pre-nups, DIY projects and invitations are the one's left (i guess)! hmmn i almost forgot, i need to look for a CHEF uniform pa pla and i guess that's it! ops Not yet, plenty of things to do like ->> Suit and Shoes for my Hanie ? will purchase it as soon as he arrive. What else? aside from small details like wedding paraphernalia i guess what we need to focus more is our Guest list, we haven't finalize it yet since the Groom left , for us this is the hardest part of our wedding preps, given a choice we would invite all the people who have been part, take part, been part & will be part of our life, but we can't.... hay.... the hardest among the hardest! pro we know this people will understand us.Hope they will!

Lyt side ... our aras, DIY cord, DIY kissing bells, DIY rosary is now ready.... (ready ng gawin hihihihi). Boxes for the souvenirs is complete .... ordered extra na din for the entourage tokens! templates for stickers not yet final, gift tags made by Honey is awesome! Invites content still on hold, need to wait for Uno's final say!

With the accomplishments so far i was able to take things slow (for now lang - kya nman zupeer BLOG ang Bride)... but not for the month of JUNE.... u know why?Because this June we need to Accomplish the following:

- file for application for marriage license

- attend seminars for the completion of our ML

- Papa Un's Beerday Bash

- Pamamanhikan takes place (for the sake of formality na lang and tradition)

- Pre-Nups both for Mandy & Cathy

- Shop for the Groom's Abubots (suit,shoes,belt,tie etc)

- Finalize & Prints for our Invites

- Dessiminate our save the date magnets

- Meet my gown maker

- Papa engrave pa pla yung Wedding Bling-Blings

Month of JUNE officially FULLY BOOKED!

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