sneak peak

Why a CHEF TOQUE? its because its a CHEF Theme Wedding!!! yes its a CHEF Wedding Theme, Unique, Chick, Cool & nakaka Intrigah hahahah, have u ever heard a CHEF Theme wedding before? i dont think so?, coz if yes there will be lot's of wedding sites that would offer inspirations about this theme. I myself find it difficult to look for inspirations, tlagang nalokah ako ng bonggah kaka browse, gud thing i know a little bit of this & that because im a CHEF at heart. hihihi...

We just cant wait! Uno & I wants to share what will be in-store for our guests on our BIG Day. hihihi.... since matagal pa sya sneak peak lang muna....

here's what our Chef Wedding Theme is all about!!!

before it was a dream and now its finally happening .........

Lots of Toque hihihihi , happeee chef's partying until the wee hours

enjoy pre cocktails with canapes & appetizers

feast with our Buffet table and eat to ure hearts delight

but keep it healthy, have some wild array of fruits & veggies at the
Salad Bar Station ! drizzle some dressings and ENJOY!

How about some flashback this time? lets laugh, sneeze, cry,jump,crawl, scream, stumble, wink, faint or whatever if u see us with those funny, scary,dramatic,lovely pics during are so called blast from the PAST.....

Nonestop clicks & shoots all over the place ..... enjoy it even with our very own photobooth! (bring ure own cams hheheheh).

view the space up up there & enjoy ure cocktails

listen enjoy to some bossa nova & jazz music

laugh , play & BE MARRY with the Couple

Refresh ure Thirst from unstoppable laughing with our bottom less iced tea.

kids NO to crying and Loitering hahahahah

who wants some chocolate dips, fruits & mallows? anybody?

relax and set the mood with the ambiance

lets do some creep walk, some salsa, roger rabbit, some foxtrot
or do some tango and dance the night away!

shout for terrifico magnifico with our Pasta serve pipping HOT !

Enjoy viewing our very own gallery

get lots of Sugar reloads with brownies and other pastries galore

lets hear some wild kissing bells ringing all over the place.

flushed those excessive meats, oils with some

or might want to have a piece of our Wedding Cake

See the Bride LOL laughing at Loud (I just love to Laugh)

Enjoy our simple token for y'all family, friends & co-work mates.

The place filled with partee peepah's happy face & good laughs.

See us Happy & Bubbly all throughout the Partee

and lastly see the couple savoring this wondrous moment and thanking all the people
who has been part of their lives.

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