the Last minute Practice

"Hanie wants to have the same set someday"

Yeah last minute practice, prang performer lang sa Japan, Uno and I together with Majo, Cathy & Pipay had the 1st & last practice @ PRO777. Hanie and I wanting to have the greatest performance of our life on our wedding day ,thought of having this so called Grand Entrance & Exit on our Wedding day. We are performing ... yeyevoom u heard it so right! aaura kmi ng supeer bonggah sa stage hahahah! My Husband will play drums for the Grand Entrance, while on the Grand Exit ill be the one to sing ala Sitti (yeah ill be otso instead hahahahahah) and my handsome partner will play percussions... Such a Winner!

It was my so henyong idea to give the best moment for my groom, i wanted him to be the highlyt of our wedding so i told Majo and Cathy that give the floor to UNO. Most of the people dear to us knows that my Fiance loves music and loves to play drums, so sa mdaling sabi my Papa UN's will be opening the partee by doing some pasikat at pabonggah on our wedding the plan is i wanted to surprise all the guest by having the so unique entrance kembot.... most weddings welcomes the newly wed together but this time its different, Uno will be the only one to enter the venue.... lights off, spotlight will be just the only light and then he will play his most love instrument.... After a waging waging 2mins na pagtatambol, there goes our official wedding music "LOVELY" by Michelle Tumes on the background and the door where i stayed will open, bubble and fog machines will then flow as he goes where i stand... winner! And thats the time that will walk down the red carpet - aisle together.... Hailabeeeeet!

marijho asking his kuya if he can play atleast 2-3mins with no stopping at the same time
brief the Groom on when & where to enter ...

some sweet moments , PAK!
pwede bang mwala yan? hahahahah

we looked tired and pressured ...abay natural ilang kembot na lang
its our so so so BIG PARTEE nah!

nagco-concentrate ang aking loverboy sa eksna!

So yun nga dhil sa plano na yan we had our last minute practice.. yeah we had our practice the night before the wedding, haggard dvah hahahah pro what to do we want this is so gow !....Oh by the way our thanks to Pipay of purevibes for being there not just our instant music coach but also a friend who is so bait and so patience and so understanding sa TF hahahahhahaah! Cheers amigah!

Sha enjoy some of our precious moments together as we bade goodbye to singlenessss....

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