Once a Cheesy Bride, Now a Cheesy Wife

i just can't hide it anymore... ive been too a lot, this past weeks, i came back to work (pwede bang dedma na lang , prang ansarap ng nkbakasyon 4ever) trying myself to adjust with my So-unpredictable sked na from nyt shift na naging morning shift na ngayon eh madaling araw shift as in 4am - 1pm... becha by golly wow...

Im getting frustrated bcoz its been a week now and yet i still can't adjust my sleeping habit, so tendency my eyes swell and buffy wid dark circle spots due to lack of sleep.... imbernah! Then busy sorting and choosing what pics to include in our wedding album ( i never thought this will be hard for me) AWARD! Until now i haven't finished it yet... anyway , i have to wait for my husband till the end of the month so he can also check whether the pics that i chose were ok sa olright o so sow lang hahahahahahha! Im getting pressured each day and frustrated bcoz of things, tasks and people who were among the main reason why i feel this way. Naks! (seryoso ang belat..pak!). Plus im missing my husband terribly.

For me CHEESE is Heaven.... i love cheese to the point that i can spend too much just to have a bite of it. I bought cheese last weekend and ate it as if i was deprived of having it for century hahahahha! Bitina carlos pa nga ako... i wasnt able to take pictures of it kse i was so excited pinapak ko sya ng bonggang bonggah...

oh well bad vibes were all flushed bcoz of this sinfully panaloping cheese:
The following cheese's were my favey.. some are available at a nearby grocery store and some are only available at a gourmet shop.. Just want to share this stress free - heavenly Cheese that i heart the most...

Kya nman to take away this negative kembot's eh i make way to give pleasure to myself ( hndi kng ano anong pleasure ha) hahahah!

lab this livarot cheese

gongonzola dulce.. Check!

ang Reyna ng lahat ng keso ... MOZARELLA

winner na winner items sa mga pasta dishes

Coulommiers cheese... prang Camembert at Bri din ang lasa nitems...

lets have cheddar baby!

the favey ... camembert-china

blue cheese... mkyawti pro panalopi!

the so powerful na PONT cheese


the last but deffinitely not the least


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