still busy as a BEE

Until now i haven't finished yet checking my blogs that are still on the bucket area of my site hahahah, its been dead draft since last week of aug.... been so busy with a lot of things. Last minute preps, small and BIG details checking and more more. I wish i can do a lot of things not one at a time but more at a time... if only human clone is possible?

Oh well just to perk up my mood here are the ff. blogs i still have yet posted .... hopefully this coming October I would be able to post all of it... i wish... kse chaka nman pag naluma na ang storya davah....

1. IM Marrying the Man that i LOVED for years
2. Gud Morning Mrs. Codilla - Posted
3. We eat-laugh-dance-cheer and we got Married
4. I DO
5. Tears not for Fears
6. This boy is inlove with u armie hahahahahha
7. The people i do LOVE the most
8. Some of the Unique & Best GIFTS we had during our Wedding.....
9. And we kiss the NIGHT away -
10. The Honeyz and the Mooners in BORA
11. Japanesse SOBA coming UP
12. Nice to Hear
13. A new Life for me and for HIM
14. Cant stop Shopping
15. What type of BRIDE i am
16. Oh my Photography
17. And wer having the toooot-tooooot 1st week of Nov... exciting
18. Supplier Ratings
19. Goodtimes , Badtimes give me some of that
20. Fashion sense and MHIE
21. O dear i love that scent
22. 15days of being a mrs.
23. call it our SANCTUARY
24. whos who and who does?
25. a Misis in MHIE
26. R wedding pixies
27. Revealing my Gown
28. My Official Photographer
29. Please Dont Stop The Music
30. The so Crafty BRIDE

Got 30 blogs on stock hahahhahaha! eh andami ko p daw kwentong pending.... award! well.... need more time to do this.... kaya ko kya to icheck @ mag upload ng pics hanggang end ng oct.

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